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MTV: Ident

Animated ID for MTV by I Love Dust.

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Studio Universal: Ident 4

The new idents for Studio Universal were produced by the highly talented Argentinean animation house PepperMelon. Sound Design by David Kamp.

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Bluebrain – Ten by Ten

Bluebrain is Hays Holladay and Ryan Holladay, an indies duo from Washington DC.

The music video is the work of Gabe Askew who directed and animated. Additional 3D graphics by Austin Hernandez and James Atilano.

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Xcentric: Arrebatado

Xcentric is an organization that pursues the conservation and distribution of experimental cinema through the CCCB in Barcelona. They organized an exhibition of spanish experimental cinema in Spain called From Ecstacy to Rapture, 50 years of the other Spanish Cinema.

The trailers for the six sections of the exhibition have been designed and directed by Dvein.

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A short tale, a strange forest where time is stopped, a young girl, a magic watch, and the guardian of this petrified world.

Mon(s)tre is a metaphorical tale told by five students of Lisaa: Geoffroi Ridel, Daphné Parrot, Yann Poyac, Charles Schneck, Anthony Le Saoût. Music: Joséphine Stephenson.

The film (whose title plays on the French words for clock and monster) blends beautiful 2D and 3D animation with a clockwork storytelling. Enjoy, possibly more than once to appreciate the amazing quantity of details.

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Himani: Fast Relief

The cities are living things. But the city of Mumbai, in India, has taken this fact to the next level. At least in this commercial for a pain relief ointment.

The spot has been directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by Manoj Shroff at Equinox.

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ROB SHAW – The Machine

The man was bored, so he made the machine. The man made the machine to be bigger, stronger and faster. When he was finished, he sent the machine out into the world.

The Machine is a short animated film has been written and directed by Rob Shaw (of Bent). Narration by Andrea Schuch. Animation: Rob Shaw and Sarah Hulin.

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ENDRE BARÁTH – The Death Grind

The Death Grind is an allegorical short film about the clockwork of gears.

Images and sound by Endre Baráth. Made with Blender.

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A film about solitude, as an universal feeling.
A long journey in solitude searching for hope.
That is life.
Directed by Robin Risser.

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Get Happy Product Now


“The story of an inventor who lives in a drab, colorless world. Day by day, he toils away in a harsh, dehumanizing job, his only savior being the memories of the bliss of childhood.”
“But at night, he works secretly on an invention that could help him relive those memories and spread their [...]

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C’est rigolo mais c’est salaud.


“A film that offers a reflection on addiction: we see the characters struggling, trapped in the gears of mechanisms, in the proper sense, which they can’t escape.”
The self reinforcing mechanism reminds of Hotel California, where “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”.
Accro (short for accroché, which [...]

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Doctor Frankenstein is not very happy with the outcomes of his work. Better luck next time, dude!
Yar is a stop animated movie by Mert Kizilay. He’s now part of the creative studio Silo1.
The soundtrack is a song by Celal Ince.
Il dottor Frankenstein non è molto contento del risultato del suo lavoro. Andrà meglio la prossima [...]

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FILIPPO BARBIERI – Infinite Self Portrait (x2)

Grasping at the immutable self.
∞-Self-Portrait is a short video produced at ilOYOli LAb for Roma Europa Web Factory.
Images and music by Filippo Barbieri. Music box melody by Federico Bruno.
Alla ricerca del sé immutabile.
∞-Self-Portrait è un video prodotto presso ilOYOli LAb per Roma Europa WebFactory.
Immagini e musica di Filippo Barbieri. Melodia del carillon: Federico Bruno.

© [...]

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BRANDON McCORMICK – The Watchmaker’s Son

Somewhere between a tock and a tick,When a boy became a man in a day.The Watchmaker learned that his father was sick,Years after inheriting his trade.

“A fairy-tale about the desire to love and be loved, all while pursuing our own emperors gold watch.”
A Burton-esque short film directed by Brandon McCormick, produced at Whitestone.
Cast: Zachary Burke [...]

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TV or not TV: Part 2

Seven in a series of several IDs for the Italian satellite TV channel, Cult TV. More info in the main post.
Sette di una serie di parecchie ID per il canale satellitare, Cult TV. Più informazioni nel post principale.

TAG: Tutti i post su TV or not TV.
DOWNLOAD: Scarica TV or not TV (2).[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: [...]

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