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Hunter-Gatherer – Cloud

The music video was produced and directed by: Ciara Kennedy and Róisín McNamee. Director of photography: Piers McGrail. Edited by: Maeve Brosnan. Animation by: Ash Lawson.

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Supersubmarina – Supersubmarina

The music video has been directed by Chino Moya and produced at Blur. Director of Photography: Sergio Delgado.

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SMART Technologies: The Magical Classroom

A brand film made by We Are Plus for Smart to launch their new Love of Learning campaign. Director: Judy Wellfare.

Music and Sound Design: AWZ Digital Studios. Editor: Renato Sorbara at AWZ. Prop Construction: SodaPasta. Advertising agency: Sharpe Blackmore.

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2010 US Census: Living Mural

The concept is simple: bringing a community to life through the visual works of one muralist. Doing it, that’s another story.

The spot for the 2010 US Census aimed at the Latin community is the work of Digital Kitchen. Creative agency: Global Hue.

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School can be a war for many, and war can be a school for others. But still, the two things will hardly mix.

Wojna (War) is a short animated movie produced at Filmakademie for Unicef.

Directed by Agnieszka Kruczek. Music: Vladimir Martinka. Head of Production: Andreas Perzl.

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“Is your inner peace an utopian state until you have finally escaped the grip of the society and its rules? Or is affirmation a faster way to your personal luck? And what are you supposed to do, if you have to answer this question at the age of 12?”

The Forest is a short animated movie by David Scharf.

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Le piranhanha!


A hyperactive kid is interviewed by the makers of a documentary. A documentary about what? Probably not cows and pirañas, but that’s what they end up with.
Lionel is a short film made by four students of the Gobelins school: Gabriel Gelade, Medhi Leffad, Anthony Menard, Matthieu Poirey.
Original music: Vincent Erhart Devay.
Un bimbo iperattivo viene [...]

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Delphic – This Momentary

Let’s do something real.


The video brings us to the Chernobyl area, shows us the place today, 23 years after the disaster, and the people who still lives there.
Directed by Dave Ma and produced by Neil Andrews at Pulse. Director of photography: Ross McLennan. Editor: Vid Price.
The director wanted to show “portraits of the abandoned town [...]

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United Way: Choices

There can be a better way.Help her find it.


United Way is an international organization whose aim is to improve people’s life by helping them to achieve their individual potential.
This beautiful animation directed by We Are Om (Anton Groves, Damian Groves, Richard Hardy) promotes their Romanian section.
Illustration by Andy Luke AKA Sinboy. Animation by: Adrian Aghenitei, [...]

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The Making of Acqua

The making of Acqua, short movie made by seven years old Italian kids with their teacher Raffaella Traniello.
Dietro le quinte di Acqua, corto realizzato da bambini di sette anni insieme alla loro insegnante Raffaella Traniello.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, Share Alike 3.0

CLIPS: Pagina di The making of “Acqua” (2007) su Internet Archive.

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Dunkelziffer e.V.: Tentacles

If sexually abused children never get help,they never outgrow their trauma.

This will make you feel quite uncomfortable. A very powerful way to represent the matter, light years away from the corny commercials I see on TV.
The spot has been directed by The Vìkings and produced by Luke Jacobs at Rokkit.
Director of Photography: Sam Brown. Editor: [...]

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“When faced with her upcoming thesis project at Bournemouth University’s National Centre for Computer Animation, student Talli Peled found herself inspired by the idea of party animal balloons.
“She had set out to create a humorous piece and started by imagining a classroom where the teacher and students had balloons for heads.
“Using a mixture of live [...]

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The Scritch-Scratch of Busy Little Hands

Our Shameful Lady of Constant Regret and Persistent Sin

A young boy escapes into his own world of fantasy to survive the Catholic School. Or: the story of how I became a weirdo…
The short movie is the work of Joy Vaccese and Noelle Vaccese, AKA Twins are Weird, at the Pratt Institute under the supervision of [...]

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LEANDRO FEUZ – Derechos del nino

…education of the child shall be directed to the developmentof the child’s personality, talents and mental and physicalabilities to their fullest potential…

Resistance is never futile. You should not be assimilated.
Derechos del niño (Children’s Rights) is a short, experimental, non commercial movie by Leandro Feuz, realized as a personal project. The film features music by Aphex [...]

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KOJI YAMAMURA – Man and Whale

It’s out turn now.

A beautiful short movie realized by Koji Yamamura for Greenpeace, to raise awareness about whale hunting, that is still practiced in Japan.
Our hero is the principal of a primary school who will take action to do what his heart believes is the right thing; and in this, he’ll be of example for [...]

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