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SIFF 2010: Inside Out

Movie references galore! See if you can spot them all… Trailer for the SIFF 2010 created by Dan Brown and Thai Tran and produced by Nathan F. Barr at Oh, Hello.

Additional credits: Yassir Rasan, Lee Grambush, Leslie Ann Kam Kam. Sound Design: John Buroker at Clatter & Din. Creative agency: Wongdoody. Creatives: George Mollas, Tony Zimney, Mark Watson.

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PSISF 2010: Palm Springs

The meta-clichés exploiting clichés to the bones are all the rage. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about meta-meta-clichés? Yes, but not before watching Palm Springs, the trailer for the Palm Springs International ShortFest 2010.

It was directed and animated by Andrew Chesworth and produced at MAKE. Other animators: Justin Weber, Aaron Quist, Alec Mueller, Jordan Hill, Ben Bury, Niklas Norman, Joe Kim. Music: Steve Horner.

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Mestre Film Fest: Kids for Kids

The video is a special project of the fifth grader kids of the Primaria Marconi di Roncaglia, directed by Raffaella Traniello.

Il cinema fatto dai bambini (Cinema made by kids) is a special section of the Mestre Film Fest, featuring, well, films made by kids.

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In space, nobody can hear you twitter.

An archaeologist from the next ice age finds an Hollywood cinema studio that was buried under the ground and gives life back to it.
King Kong and a raptor from Jurassic Park will start a spectacular fight, under the “eye” of the spirit of Harry Harryhausen.
The short is the work [...]

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Dan Black – Symphonies

A couple of the wiresin my heart are broke.

First time I ain’t had to google around to find a poster image for a music video. (Loosely?) based on the title sequences of popular films, the clip is plenty of suitable images.
Symphonies is the new single by Dan Black. And it’s not a big deal if [...]

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Newport Beach Film Festival: 10th of a Century

Imo dalla Columbia! Imo!!!

A nice clip with “strangely similar aesthetic of studio titles — like Hollywood with a dramatic twist — that welcomes viewers to Newport Beach and their 10th annual celebration of film with wit and charm.”
I recognized: Paramount (stars and mountain), RKO (the little antenna on the mountain), Tristar (Pegasus), Spyglass (the guy [...]

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Cinemark: Policy Trailer

Por favor, não fume.

Do not smoke while answering your cell phone. It may damage your health.
The film uses several stop animation techniques to illustrate the policy for moviegoers, “using elements that are present at movie theaters, like gum drops, movie tickets, photo cards, filmstrips, drinking straws, popcorn, M&Ms, and the movie theater itself.”
Directed by Luiz [...]

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More 4: Ken Russell Season

The spot shows recreations of scenes from from films by the controversial British director Ken Russell.
It has been directed by Siri Bunford and produced by Louise Oliver in house at Channel Four.
Editor: Xavier Perkins. Director of photography: Bob Pendar-Hughes.
Creatives: Ben Edwards and Siri Bunford. Art Director: Adam Zoltowski.
Lo spot mostra il rifacimento di scene tratte [...]

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Underground: Moe and Curly

If I was Moe and/or Curly I’d certainly sue the cineplex. That’s not fair at all!
One out of six spots for Underground, a TCM series of movies and hosted by Rob Zombie, Moe and Curly has been directed and animated by Freestyle Collective.
Executive producer: Elizabeth Kiehner. Creative director: Victor Newman. Designers: Mark Bellncula and [...]

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Blockbuster: Christmas Dinner

Luke, I’m your father!

Everything in this commercial, dialogues, costumes, props and characters, everything is a reference to some well known movie.
The spot has been directed by Jeff Labbe at Spy Films. Creative agency: DDB Canada.
Here’s the complete reference list.
Tutto in questo spot, dialoghi, costumi, oggetti di scena e personaggi, è una citazione da un qualche [...]

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Jurannessic tells the story of a caveman, likely the first genius in history, who is responsible for the invention of cinema, animation and pornography, and for the urban legend that wants activities associated with the latter to cause blindness.
This is one of the short shorts realized by Gobelins students as trailers for the Annecy [...]

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Motorola: The Journey

Motorola brings us again on a journey through out the history of cinema, with an emphasis on aspect ratios.
The film is made up of ten different scenes that represent stages of cinematic history. Opening with a zoetrope showing the movement of a sequence of still images taken by photographer Edward Muybridge, the film culminates [...]

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Cinema Europa

A wonderful spot for Media Salles where Italian master Gianluigi Toccafondo shows all his deep love for cinema.
I’ve also posted La piccola Russia, just today on Ticklebooth.
For something very similar, thus very different, check out Grand Classics.
Magnifico spot per Media Salles in cui il maestro italiano Gianluigi Toccafondo mostra tutto il suo amore per il [...]

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Grand Classics

Great commercial created by directors Smith & Foulkes for Motorola and produced by Nexus Productions; 3D animations by Michael Greenwood, Darren Price, Reece Millidge, Stuart Doig (also 2D) and Brad Noble.
A rabbit walk his way thru the whole history of cinema, jumping from a movie to the other…
Spot grandioso creato dai registi Smith & Foulkes [...]

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