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Space Chimp: Behind the Scenes

Making of the music video for Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe by Ben Lee, viral video for WWF.

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Here it is, the greatest technological innovation in the history of cinema since the advent of Cinemascope. A whole new range of facial expression will be available to the palette of you filmmakers.

CGI-Brows is a short film produced at Rocket Sausage and parodying visual effects featurettes. The film, starring David Brain and Louis Clark, has been directed by Andrew Gaynord with Joseph Grace.

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Sous l’eau (Under the water) is a short film by Jean-Julien Pous produced by Sophia Shek. It kinds of complements his previous Seeking You.

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Länge leve livet: The Making of

The making of the spot directed by Popcore via Acne Films. Creative agency: Åkestam Holst. Post production: Swiss.

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Measured Sacrifice: VFX Reel

Visual Effects Demo from the Short film Measured Sacrifice. Visual Effects producer Phil Garrett. Effects Supervisor Frank Purtiman. Additional effects by John Whitney.

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Nuit Blanche: The Making Of

A making of featurette for the short film Nuit Blanche by Arev Manoukian. Warning: heavy spoilers!
Better seen after the film.

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David: Opening Sequence

Not sure what the story is here: Tarzan? Robinson Crusoe? Well, whatever, I’m just posting this delightful title sequence for a TV series airing on Belgian channel VTM.

Directed by Tom Willems. Animated at Engarde. Music by Brahim via Sonicville.

The actors have been shot on green screen, and then composited to achieve (along with the canvas texture) a painterly look, the main character being a painter.

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Pop-up: The Making of

The Making of the spot Pop-up for Lexus from A52.

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