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Sci Fi Movies: Anything Can Happen

Better video available in the underneath links. (Recommended)

“A hyper condensed journey through live action, 3D, animation and hand crafted sequences.” It’s basically a title sequence for every science fiction movie ever made.
The ident for Sci-Fi Movies is part of a graphic package developed by creative agency Dixon Baxi which includes shorter idents and more. Check [...]

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OFFF Lisbon 2008

NOTE: none of the animals got hurt or killed for this!

Devoid of Yesterday “shoot various sea life in a studio using macro lenses to act as a metaphor for the conference both taking place in Portugal and to have a closer look at the speakers and their way of thinking.”
Devoid of Yesterday is directors Rob [...]

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Devoid of Yesterday – Things Fall Apart

Everything broken can be fixed…

Devoid of Yesterday is the motion graphics collective of directors Rob Chiu (from The Ronin) and Chris James Hewitt (from Dstrukt) and sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen (from Hecq)
Together, the three of them “create dark twisted narratives with flickers of hope that reflect the human nature of the artists.”
Check out their [...]

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