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Primola: Gigantic

Imagine a chocolate factory, halfway between a Buck Rogers serial and Jules Verne’s steampunk inventions.

The spot has been directed by Moustache, that is Hugo Ramirez and Olivier Patté. Director of photography: Nicolas Loir. Post production: Digital District.

Art design by Armel Gaulme who made his sketches at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris.

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Buildings & Vampires

If you’ve seen Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are, you surely remember the scene this short is based on. If you don’t, do. Or read the book. Or watch the short. Or whatever.

The short film has been directed by: Sebastian Baptista and Nico Casavecchia. Director of photography: Eloi Moli. Prop Master: Lula Gomez.

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NIK SKAVINSKY – Food Fiction

Some random funny stop animation, involving candies, a Zorki 11 photo camera and retro gaming. And more food.

Made by Nik Skavinsky (of SlackLabs) during a week-end, using a Canon HG20.

Music: C.A.P.I.P. by 64revolt; Ya Ubivayu Sebya by Nrktk. Sound effects taken from Freesound Project.

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Alpella Ole: Ten Fingers Ten Chocolates

I want, I need, nothing less than you.

Things to do in Turkey eating chocolate.
The spot has been directed by Gaute Hesthagen and produced at Depo Film.
Director of photography: Anders Flatland. Post production made at Imaj, Instanbul.
Creative agency: McCann Erickson, Istanbul. Creative Director: Ugur Çakir, Oktar Akin. Art Director: Firat Yıldız (with Nilüfer Erden). Copywriter: Deniz [...]

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eFTe radzi: Think of Others, Buy Responsibly

Wspieraj innych, kupuj odpowiedzialnie.

I must admit I’m quite ignorant about fair trade market. I’ll try and fill this gap as soon as possible.
Ammetto di essere ignorante sul commercio equo e solidale. Colmerò questa lacuna quanto prima.

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DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Think of Others, Buy Responsibly.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 18 MB [...]

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“We follow a young woman as she faces an abstract obstacle course of temptations, which in reality surely lead toward forms of corruption over a period of time.”
“Chocolate is such a guilty pleasure that some absolutely cannot resist its seduction.”
A short motion graphics film. Production, direction, design and animation by Leftchannel. Music: Subsequence by Mouse [...]

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Mars attacks…

Another student project by Gareso, already here with the fake spot for MTV, Birds.
“There is no 3D, all the candies were photographed (more than 50 bucks in candies) [...] There is some green screen footage.”
Trivia: his assignment “was supposed to be a realistic visual effects meteor destroying Auckland.” Eheheh…
Altro progetto scolastico di Gareso, già [...]

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Lynx: Chocolate Man


These Lynx commercials are getting more and more creepy with time. Which makes them a lot more interesting to me…
“Filming in Los Angeles was shot by director Tom Kuntz via MJZ, with executive producers David Zander and Jeff Scruton, producer Scott Kaplan; director of photography Harris Savides.”(Source: Duncan’s)
Post produced at The Mill, Los Angeles, by [...]

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Great Pair: A Wedding Commercial

When a great pair comes togetherand merges into one, it’s simply irresistible.Introducing: Dick and Beaver.

Apparently, Mr. Dick Thompson made a commercial for his own marriage.
A quanto sembra, Dick Thompson ha realizzato uno spot per il suo matrimonio.

as seen on Shortsville

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica A Wedding Commercial.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 4 MB - Running Time: 1 [...]

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DANIEL BLOOMBERG – The Greatest Gift


If there’s something worst than being late at the show is to leave when it’s about to start. That’s what happen here…
I actually thought it was gonna be some sort of social commentary, with a xerox machine ingurgitating stereotyped chicks, but I was proven wrong, in the end.
The short movie and/or unofficial music video for [...]

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Chocolate Love


Cute post Valentine randomness with romance and some (hot) chocolate. Get dirty!
The short video is the work of Jay Grandin and Leah Hayes Nelson. The song is by Brie Neilson, entitled No No No Yes.
Per il dopo San Valentino, un po’ di non sense, romanticismo e del cioccolato. Bollente!
Il breve video è opera di Jay [...]

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Chocolade Haas

Three chocolate bunnies meet their smoking hot fate in this twisted short movie realized by Sander Plug in collaboration with Lernert Engelberts.
It’s something more than just watching a car accident. There’s something genuinely beatiful about it. Or maybe it just please my iconoclasm.
The film was commissioned by Cut-n-Paste for the second series of the [...]

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