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United Way: Choices

There can be a better way.Help her find it.


United Way is an international organization whose aim is to improve people’s life by helping them to achieve their individual potential.
This beautiful animation directed by We Are Om (Anton Groves, Damian Groves, Richard Hardy) promotes their Romanian section.
Illustration by Andy Luke AKA Sinboy. Animation by: Adrian Aghenitei, [...]

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For those who cherish musicmore than historyhere is a little reminder.

A magnificent example of great animation made out of near to nothing. Only matches and match boxes.
Made in April 2009 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a bar in Montreal, Canada, named Laika, after the first animal launched in orbit.
Laika (the short film, that is) [...]

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Nascar: Underground

Spanish visual effects studio La Huella reprises the gimmick used for Metro de Madrid and blends CGI with live action footage.

The spot, for the 2009 Nascar season on Fox TV, has been developed by Fox Sports Design. Creative Directors: Mark Simmons, Robert Gottlieb. Live Action Director: Mark Simmons. Editor: Kirk Smith. Flame: Kevin Prendiville.

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Famille de merde!!!

Those awkward kids. Don’t you ever wish you could shut their fuck up once and for all?
A pilot episode for an animated series, the work of Bertrand Piocelle and Marco Nguyen, two former students of Gobelins.
Story: Remy Collignon. Voices: Calypso Medeiros, Paul Nguyen, Néry.
Dannati ragazzini. Chi non ha mai desiderato di farli tacere [...]

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Tales of the Road: The Boy who didn’t Stop, Look and Listen

And now he cannot play football.

He didn’t see that coming…
First installment in a series of three ads (the second one, The Girl who didn’t Dress Bright in the Dark, can be seen after the link) for the Think! Road Safety campaign by United Kingdom Department for Transport.
The spot was directed by Smith & Foulkes and [...]

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The Moment

The future you have tomorrow won’t bethe same future you had yesterday.

Sometimes, that moment of awareness turns out to be… well, awkward to say the least…
The Moment is a short film made as a trailer for the 2008 Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart.
Written and directed by Verena Fels and Csaba Letay and produced by [...]

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Evans Blue – The Pursuit

Are you alone where you are tonight?

Living is like trying to write a decent post for a music video on your blog: you are plenty of choices, but they’re all wrong.
Evans Blue is a alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada founded in 2005. Members are: Parker Lauzon, Vlad Tanaskovic, Joe Pitter and Davis Howard.
The [...]

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One 1ife

Old man look at my life,I’m a lot like you were.
HD Video available in the underneath links.

It’s the good old “your life flows through your eyes at the moment of death” cliche, but very well done.
One Life is a short animation produced by a group of 7 students over the last 10 months, during their [...]

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The Young Republic – Modern Plays

Love is stronger than anything. Including girlfriend kidnapping robots landing from their flying saucers.
Modern Plays is featured on 12 Tales From Winter City, the latest album by Boston band The Young Republic, released on September 2007 for End of the Road Records.
The music video was directed by Daniel Scheinert. Don’t let its lo-finess mislead [...]

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Anthropology: Beauty

My girlfriend is so beautiful that she has never had cause to develop any kind of personality.

Beauty is the third installment in Victor Solomon’s series of short based on Dan Rhodes‘ Anthropology.
A girl can be quite a catastrophe…
Ecco il terzo appuntamento con la serie di corti di Victor Solomon basata su Anthropology di [...]

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LoDef: The Fight

Gentlemen, start your cakes…

Apparently Sony want to show you that lodef is a lot funnier than high definition. I’m confused. But this ain’t news…
The LoDef campaign was developed in 2006 at creative agency McKinney-Silver.
The spot has been directed by Ryan McFaul at Zooma Zooma and “went from concept to shoot in seven”days.
For some other cake [...]

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MARKUS FEDER – Identitaet

You are so fucking screwed!

“The Landjugend presents you a short film about an old fellow being confronted with other peoples’ judgements about him and how he deals with it.”
Identität has been directed by Markus Feder, his graduation work for his design studies at the Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg.
Sound design by Wyzton Borrero.
“The Landjugend vi presenta un [...]

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Eres unico

You’re one of a kind.

Autogenic training sessions and driving don’t mix too well. I’d say they don’t mix at all.
The short movie is the work of Estudios Galápago. Spanish, with English subtitles.
Il training autogeno e la guida non vanno assai d’accordo. Anzi, direi per nulla.
Il corto è opera di Estudios Galápago. L’audio è in spagnolo, [...]

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mf …for me life consists of black and white only…rs …I think there is just the in-between…

“_grau is a personal reflection on memories coming up during a car accident, where past events emerge, fuse, erode and finally vanish ethereally … various real sources where distorted, filtered and fitted into a sculptural structure to create not [...]

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Lexus: Popup

Lexus really want you to know that their cars are safe, actively safe, and here’s a new installment in their effort. The tale of the safest accident is told with an ingenious mix of craftmanship and chroma key.

The spot was directed by Oskar Holmedal at Stylewar. Produced by Smuggler for creative agency Team One.

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