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Mennen: Speed Stick

Macho, peli nel petto, ascella sudataAcquaragia, mutande ragno, alabardaMennen, Mennen, il dopobarba che preferiscoSuperIgnazio!

Want to rage on your roller skates for the streets of Los Angeles, jumping from skyscrapers roof and thru car windows? Just put on the right deodorant and you’re in.
A viral directed by Michaël Bombeeck and produced at Dr. Film. Reminds of [...]

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Zonnatura: Circle of Life


The cycle of life in nature is depicted in a colourful and almost animal friendly way in this animated commercial.
The director is Kristofer Strom, whom you might remember from his huge hit, Hitchhiker’s Choice. Production house: Blinkink.
The spot was conceived by Allard Jaspars and Ricardo Lemos at S-W-H, Amsterdam. Art directors: Ricardo Lemos and Emilio [...]

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