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School can be a war for many, and war can be a school for others. But still, the two things will hardly mix.

Wojna (War) is a short animated movie produced at Filmakademie for Unicef.

Directed by Agnieszka Kruczek. Music: Vladimir Martinka. Head of Production: Andreas Perzl.

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Brink: Jah Lick Them With Thunder

The cinematic trailer for Brink is the work of Blur Studio. The game, developed by Splash Damage will be published by Bethesda.

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Frito Lay Dips: And Then There Was Salsa

First of all, if haven’t done it yet, go on Vimeo and watch the enhanced version of the spot. This kind of technology is nothing new, but it has the potential to become widespread. Or perhaps nobody would care anymore when the novelty is over.

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Playground Festival 2009: Trailer

This trailer for Playgrounds Festival has been directed by Onesize and produced at Revolver Films.

The alternation of slow motion and fast paced editing has been achieved with the camera mapping technique in 3D combined with still photography. No slow motion footage has been actually shoot. For more information, check out the Credits.

Photography: Jasper Faber. Sound design: Studio Takt. Fighters: Jeroen Roos, Cesario di Domenico.

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Form One – Falling Down

HD Video available in the underneath links.

You’re not falling down: just flying. Until you hit the ground.
Johan Reinhold AKA Form One is a Swedish rapper. Falling Down is the third single taken from his latest album, entitled Behind Blue Eyes and released on November 2008.
The music video has been directed and shot (using a Sony [...]

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Woodhands – I Wasn`t Made for Fighting

I wanna do it one more time

Adventures in spacetime…
The Woodhands are Dan Werb, Paul Banwatt and Roger Leavens. I Wasnt Made for Fighting is featured on Heart Attack.
The music video has been designed and directed by Asif Mian and produced by Rich Hutchins at Spy Films. Art director: Danny Kelley.
Post produced at Evaq. Edited by [...]

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Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Just WOW! And I don’t mean WoW. Just: WOW! Words are useless here. Just click and let the battle begin.
The clip has been masterfully crafted at Blur Studio. Did you know they release their custom tools and plug-ins as open source?
WOW! E non ho detto WoW. Ma proprio WOW! [...]

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Lord of War: Opening Titles

Where there’s a will, there’s a weapon

The life of a bullet, condensed in this three minute game cinematic which is actually the opening sequence for a movie.
The sequence has been created at L’E.S.T. Visual effects supervised by Yann Blondel and produced by Luc Augereau. More details can be found on maxdiamond. Critics on Art of [...]

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Darbo: Kiss

automatic joy…

What would you do if you could stop time? As for me, I don’t know, but certainly not watching under a Scotsman’s kilt…
The spot has been directed by Tracey Rowe and produced by Philipp Schwinger at FFP Productions Vienna. Director of photography: Mike Molloy.
Creative agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann WerbegesmbH. Creative and art director: [...]

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What the fuck are you doing?

Because dodging is for sissies…
Line is a short film by Anton Groves, starring Emilian Oprea and Ana Ularu.
Director of photography: Olli Jacomelli. Editing: Sorin Baican. Sound by Victor Popescu. Post produced by Silviu Visan, Mihai Cioroba.
Assistant director: Anatol Reghintovschi. Art direction: Damian Groves at Sagafilm.
Anton and Damian Groves are now [...]

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Re:volve 2008

First it steals your mindAnd then it steals your soul.

Andy Gordon, in association with Flexifoil, Redbull Chiemsee and SMI, presents Aaron Hadlow and Jason Furness in Re:volve.
It’s an unconventional about kiteboarding, a surfing discipline involving the use of a kite. The short is a viral promo video for the HadlowPro Bar.
Additional photography by William Milne, [...]

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RUN WRAKE – The Control Master

HD Video available in the underneath links

Halftone City, USA. A peaceful metropolis of family values and space age dreams. Mild mannered blonde Dorothy Gayne secretly protects its citizens from harm. But dangerous new technologies abound. What happens when a powerful device falls into the hands of scientist turned villain Doctor Moire?
The Control Master is a [...]

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Amnesty: Bullet

vos pétitions ont du pouvoir

Again to remind you that your petitions are more powerful than you might think.
The spot has been directed by Les Blins and produced at Festen Films. Director of photography: Thierry Pouget.
Creative agency: TBWA, Paris. Creative director: Erik Vervroegen. Art director and copywriter: Nicolas Moreau.
Visual effects provided by Chez Eddy, under the [...]

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Champions (Remembering the New World Order)

Champions come and gobut the new world order stays.
Thank you for the beautifulnever-ending years.

Mato Atom visualized a football match between the world’s most powerful men, Tony Blair and George W. Bush, against… well, ourselves, those who don’t belong to the elite.
Dick Cheney is the cheerleader. Between the spectators: Hillary Clinton, Pope “Darth” Ratzinger, Bono, our [...]

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In order to get a dog rid of fleas, his owner unleashes hell, in form a new pesticide.
Another animated sweetie from Supinfocom. Nothing meaningful and profound, but very funny.
The movie employs the cel-shading technique and feature (like almost any other CGI production of that time) a bullet time scene, with the compulsory musical accompaniment of [...]

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