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Good Night

Dunno about you, but I really need some good sleep!
The Be Right Back Day closes. But it has been fun. We should do it again…
Non so voi, ma io ho bisogno di una seria dormita!
Il Be Right Back Day chiude qui. Però è stato bello. Dovremmo rifarlo…

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Transparent City

There’s a new web portal about your town, in town. So, if you’re German, say bye bye to your privacy.
The nice piece of eye candiness has been directed by Marc Raymond Wilkins at BigFish Filmproduktion.
C’è un nuovo portale sulla tua città, in città. Perciò, se sei tedesco, dì pure addio alla tua privacy…
Un bel pezzo [...]

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Captain Nick: Gadzoola

We’ll Be Right Back!

Captain Nick saves the day and the girl.
The clip, realized at Atlantic Motion, is an ident shown between shows and commercials on Nickelodeon channel.
Acclaimed director Peter Wallach led a team of talented animators and designers as they built a legion of armatures, including the massive dragon lizard creature Gadzoola. (Source: VFX Talk)
Captain [...]

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RVS: Angels

He said come wander, with me lovecome wander with meaway from the sad worldcome wander with me.

In this ad for a Dutch insurance company, the agents are flying around (to get paid?) with umbrellas, a la Mary Poppins, or a la Golconda, if you prefer.
The director is Koen Mortier at Czar Films. Director of photography: [...]

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CWS: Say No to Dirt

You’ve probably seen this around, but just in case…
Ingredients: a disco club, a drug addicted girl, a high tech toilet seat. Guess the story.
A clever and funny commercial directed by Owen Harris and produced by Stephan Pauly at Film Deluxe. Director of photography: Sten Mende.
L’avrete già visto in giro, ma non si può mai sapere…
Ingredienti: [...]

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Will Be Right Back!

Don’t know when I’ll get the time for another update, so here’s some commercials to entertain you in the meanwhile…
Non so quando avrò tempo per aggiornare di nuovo il blog, perciò eccovi adesso mando la pubblicità, per intrattenervi…

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