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Bravia: Domino City

Colour like no other.

The follow up to Threads moves in India to reach for the tipping point.
Spot directed by Nic Finlayson and produced by Phil Liefting at Film Construction. Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio.
Creative Agency: Bates141, Singapore.
Il seguito di Threads si sposta in India per toccare il punto di non ritorno.
Spot diretto da Nic Finlayson [...]

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Bravia: Threads

Feel like no other.

While everybody was busy watching the new Colour Like No Other Play Doh spot, and discussing about it being or not a rip-off, Sony released a completely new spot, in a new campaign. In fact it looks a lot like Balls. And it’s not a bad thing at all.
The spot has been [...]

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Bravia Paint: Behind the Scenes

70000 litres of enviromentally friendly paint,622 bottle bombs, 330 m of steel pipe, 455 mortars,57 km of copper wire, 1700 detonators.Colour like no other.

Another blast from the past, the second Bravia commercial, actually not as succesful as the first one. But now that number three is coming (New York + claymation + bunnies = cooooool?) [...]

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Balls (Extended Version)

Any colour you like.

My latest posts lack a bit of… colour!So let’s try to balance the situation with this commercial, directed by Nicolai Fuglsig (of production agency MJZ) for Sony Bravia television range.The TV ad is out from some time but this is a new and longer (and better, IMHO) cut.
Set to the stripped-down acoustic [...]

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