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A neurotic nice-guy struggles to find the confidence to tell the girl he loves that her vagina has an… odor.

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Maliki v/s Trukillo

En esta esquina…

This ain’t Sparta. This is madness!!!
Marcela Trujillo, from Santiago, Chile, is the author of this short film inspired to the silent era cartoons as well as to the work of Ralph Bakshi and John K.
She’ll be boxing with Maliki, the character of her comic, in a violently happy explosion of cartoonity.
Animation: Luis Acosta, [...]

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With the Eyes of Every Man Riveted Upon Her

Challenging me is a good thing.Beating me (Hmmmm..) only happens in your dreams.

That your field is boxing or rope jumping, there will be a time when you meet a challenge that is more than you can chew. Fail to realize that, and you’re knock out.
This short movie is the first installment in the Little Minx [...]

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Round 5

Hit me.

A very cool short movie from a mexican directing duo where the world in black and white, the boxe fights are mixed and the number five seems to be a recurring theme.
Eliseo dreams of being a boxer some day. After he crashes into a mysterious woman on the run, he suddenly finds himself on [...]

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