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Star Wars – The Old Republic: Hope of Alderaan

The Battle of Alderaan. The Republic’s gravest hour. Darth Malgus launches the first of many surprise attacks that would become his trademark during the Great War. Thousands of assault droids and hundreds of Sith set the heart of the Republic ablaze, and Alderaan’s few defenders are swept away with ease. Cinematic trailer by Blur Studio.

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Brink: Jah Lick Them With Thunder

The cinematic trailer for Brink is the work of Blur Studio. The game, developed by Splash Damage will be published by Bethesda.

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Dragon Age: Sacred Ashes

For those who use to think that the Sean Connery voiced beast from Dragonheart was the dumbest dragon ever (this could be an idea for a Facebook group…), here’s finally a serious new candidate for the title.

Dragon Age, is a computer role playing game developed by BioWare. It will be published by Electronic Arts on November 2009.

The cinematic animation should be the work of Blur Studio, even though at the moment I can’t be 100% sure of this. Will update when possible.

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Star Wars – The Old Republic: Deceived

You have been deceived.

The Sacking of Coruscant “was the crowning achievement of the Sith Empire’s ambitious military strategy and the moment that changed the history of the Old Republic forever.”
“Under the command of Lord Angral, the Sith fleet approaches the Republic’s capital planet for the first time in centuries. In advance of the fleet, the [...]

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[REPOST] Prototype: Cinematic Intro

It’s aliiiiiive!!!

His name is Alex Mercer. He’s the reason for everything you’re about to see. They call him a killer, a monster, a terrorist. He’s all of these things.
Prototype is an interesting game with elements of Half Life (you vs the monsters vs the army), Mirror’s Edge (free running) and I guess many other…
Developed by [...]

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Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Just WOW! And I don’t mean WoW. Just: WOW! Words are useless here. Just click and let the battle begin.
The clip has been masterfully crafted at Blur Studio. Did you know they release their custom tools and plug-ins as open source?
WOW! E non ho detto WoW. Ma proprio WOW! [...]

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Transformers Cinematic: Behind the Scenes

HD Video downloadable below.

The guys at Blur Studio gives us a sneak peak behind the scenes of the Transformers cinematic opening.
Probably not the most insightful documentary ever, but still worth watching.
Da Blur Studio vi si offre una piccola gita dietro le quinte del loro filmato per il videogioco dei Transformers.
Di certo non è il documentario [...]

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Transformers: Game Cinematic

More than meets the eye

HD Video downloadable below!

Some of my visitors may have noticed this post sunday night. I had to remove it for the usual reason: Apple Quicktime won’t play the MP4 clip. Whatever. Now this should work.
Well, actually here’s all about what meets the eye. Battles, stunts, explosions, and all you’d expect from [...]

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Aunt Luisa

The film centers on an aging widow who, through a scotch-induced haze, has become convinced that Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians have taken up residence in her house. She hears them playing, but she’s never actually seen them as the performance is always happening in another room. (Source:
By the way, the song that [...]

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Hellgate: London

“Our heroes triumphantly shoot and slash their way through a London Underground Station filled with all manner of demonic minions, only to discover that the real battle has just begun…”
This is a cinematic trailer for Flagship Studios game Hellgate: London, realized by the guys at Blur Studio, and screened at the E3 2006.
Blur Studio has [...]

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JEFF FOWLER – Gopher Broke

There’s no free lunch…

In this animated short movie, a hungry gopher hatches a clever plan to get a quick snack, but discovers that even the best laid plans can go utterly awry. He quicly learns that, no matter how hungry he may be, there is no free lunch.
Written and directed by Jeff Fowler, produced at [...]

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