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Legacy Sucks

Woops! It seems my index file was still pointing to Blogspot, so people opening (sans dekku) were rebounded on the old blog, and then again on the new one. This should be fixed now.

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Blogspot legacy

Fixed some backward compatibility issues.

First: if you’re accessing from Blogspot, a box displays to tell the good news about Wordpress. Second: wrote a simple plugin that redirects alternate “cases” for tags to the main one.

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Farewell, my Porcupine

The old Blogspot site has been taken down. The old links will be redirected to the new addresses when possible.

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Every time I update a post it shows up in the Atom and RSS feeds.
I suppose this is tremendously annoying for podcast users. Blogger Helpdesk has been informed.
Ogni volta che aggiorno un post, ricompare nei feed, Atom ed RSS.
Immagino sia tremendamente fastidioso per gli utenti podcast. Ho scritto all’helpdesk di Blogger.

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PGi-13: Link Updated

I’ve uploaded this awesome short movie to Google Video to watch and on Fileden to download. Enjoy!
The Blogger outage scheduled for yesterday has been postponed to today. Anyway, I should be able to post before that time.
Ho messo questo incredibile corto su Google Video (da guardare) e Fileden (da scaricare). Enjoy!
L’outage di Blogger programmato per [...]

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Tempbot: Link Updated

“The maintenance is complete. Blogger is back to normal.” Let’s hope for good…
For those of you that missed Neill Blomkamp’s Tempbot when I posted it, I’ve found the clip mirrored on The Last Minute Blog. You can even download it from RSA, though you have to use a download manager, cause hotlinking is not allowed.
“La [...]

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