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It`s Over… It`s Over…

I hate to feel the love between us die…

Well, it has been intense. I was worried about managing seven posts in one day, and ended up posting nine. And while we are on figures, we also set the new record (740!) for RSS subcribers.
Does the Blog Action Day changed anything? I still feel like fighting [...]

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Let’s finish this day like it began, with an unscheduled entry that doesn’t really seem exactly on topic. But it is. Let’s finish with a “what if”.
What if we played with time, making trees growing at our own speed, if we listened to their noises, their breathing?
The answer is in this two minutes short [...]

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The End.

Poor Man. You should have listened to Stripy, the voice of your conscience, when you could. Yes, he was laughing at you but, now you know it, he couldn’t help it.
And now, the only thing you can do is to laugh along with Stripy. Laugh man, laugh!
Oh, anyway. This is an episode from an [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Defense Shield

Protecting Earth from our new enemy: the Sun!

Here’s the other half of the Ways to Protect the Planet series, made by 180 Amsterdam and Panda Panther for MTV Switch.
The first half is Chimney Sweep. Refer to that post for credits, or just read them here.
L’altrà metà della serie Ways to Protect the Planet, realizzata da180 [...]

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5ON: 5 Demons On The Environment

If the answer is blowin’ in the wind,then the answer is: pollution!

5ON, the show that interviews anything on everything, gives us an insight on what the underworld thinks about saving the world.
5ON is a series of animated shorts realized as interviews to ordinary monsters. Director and animator is Devin Clark. Authors: Nick Kroll and John [...]

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Ways to Protect the Planet: Chimney Sweep

Protecting the Earth from our new enemy…

There are several suggestions about how to stop global warming: some are simple, some are crazy. These spot covers the latter…
“Who can combat the proliferation of green house gas? The Airforce, armed with a deadly weapon: a giant cork!”
Part of the MTV Switch campaign, the Ways to Protect the [...]

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Companhia Vale do Rio Doce: Reflorestar

Recovering takes much longer than destroying.

The following is an interactive (kind of) Quicktime clip. I’m not telling anything else, because part of the concept is that you find out what to do by yourself.
Reflorestar was ideated by Domenico Massareto. Art direction, design and animation by Carlos Baer and Dalton Uehara at Pub Motion Graphics.
The clip [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Giving a Damn about Climate Change

So let’s look at what – or who – is responsible for climate change.

A tongue-in-cheek public information film, actually realized for the Live Earth event, but hey… recycling is the key!
A Beginner’s Guide is designed, directed, animated and produced by Airside; and co-directed and written by Al MacCuish, a creative at Mother London.
From the same [...]

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Clif Bar: 2 Mile Challenge

If 1 million people replaced a2 mile car trip once a week with abike ride CO2 emissions could bereduced by 50000 tons per year.

Ok, here’s a-something much more in topic, a visual essay realized by Cobra Creative.
The Challenge basically stays in riding your bike for two miles. To fight against global warming. Sounds easy, aint’ [...]

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Sasol: Puppet

Experiment. Transform. Create.

A great man once said that it’s not answers that change the world, it’s questions.
This was not supposed to be here today. I found it just yesterday, when everything was already uploaded to the server. But I thought it could have been a great opener for today posts. Even though Sasol is actually [...]

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B.A.D. News

We’re dug in deep the price is steep.The auctioneer is such a creep.

It’s Blog Action Day 2007! Are you bloggers all ready to post? I am. Incoming!!!
Oggi è il Blog Action Day 2007! Voi blogger siete tutti pronti? Io sì… Arrivano!!!

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