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Moray McLaren – We Got Time

Moray McLaren is a Scottish singer-songwriter, now living in London. We Got Time is his first single.

All the animations were created, drawn and coloured by the director David Wilson. Production company: Blink.

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We Got Time: Making Of

All the animations seen in the music video were created in camera. No stopframe techniques, or computer super-imposing was used; what you see is what rolled off the camera.

The animations in the side-on views were produced by the camera capturing the moving reflections from the mirrored carousels, and the animations in the top-down views were created by matching the cameras frame rate to that of spinning record.

The transitions between each section of animation was created by simply cutting or wiping between the bits of footage.

The music video is the work of David Wilson. Behind the scenes video by Tom Kingsley and Tim Keeling.

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Central Office of Information: Breathe

“Shot in a water tank four meters deep in Pinewood Studios,” this PSA for COI “compares the experience of death by smoke inhalation to that of drowning in a bid to convince Brits to regularly test their smoke alarms.” (Source: ‘boards)

The ad was produced by Tim Page at creative agency Rainey Kelly and Matt Fone at Blink; MPC provided the post production.

Directed by Dougal Wilson. Editor: Joe Guest at Final Cut. Directors of photography: Mark Silk (underwater) and Alex Barber.

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Talk Talk: Brighter

Don’t know if seeing all the colors of the rainbow while using a cellphone might be considered a good thing. But it makes for a good ad.

The spot was directed by Noah Harris and produced by Andrew Studholme at Blink Ink.

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Carphone Warehouse: There was a Time

Laptops for everyone. (That’s what they say)

Here’s another commercial for Carphone Warehouse directed by Kristofer Strom, and produced at Blink.
Do Refer to A Brief History of Communication… for the full credits.
Again, the song is entitled Hitchhiker’s Choice, by Minilogue.
Ed eccovi un altro spot per Carphone Warehouse diretto da Kristofer Strom, e prodotto presso Blink.
Fare riferimento [...]

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A Brief History of Communication…

Latest stuff

It takes only forty seconds to retell the long history of how we communicate, using whiteboard and stop animation.
The spot for Carphone Warehouse was directed by Kristofer Strom, and it’s based on his previous work for the band Minilogue, who also did the music for this clip.
Produced by Bart Yates at Blinkink and Sian [...]

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Zonnatura: Circle of Life


The cycle of life in nature is depicted in a colourful and almost animal friendly way in this animated commercial.
The director is Kristofer Strom, whom you might remember from his huge hit, Hitchhiker’s Choice. Production house: Blinkink.
The spot was conceived by Allard Jaspars and Ricardo Lemos at S-W-H, Amsterdam. Art directors: Ricardo Lemos and Emilio [...]

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Big Yellow Storage: Tide

Get some space in your life™.

I was reminded of this spot yesterday, while watching The Story of Stuff, which I advice you watch it too. And Duncan’s was also pointing to it in a post I read this morning. So, here it is…
The spot was directed and edited by Dougal Wilson at Blink, for the [...]

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Cadbury Dairy Milk: Gorilla Moment

Get the love back for the brand.

While I upload the main entry, here’s a viral video from one month ago, which I’m confident everyone out there has seen.
The spot was ideated and directed by Juan Cabral and produced at Blink for creative agency Fallon, London.
Director of photography: Dan Bronks. Editor: Jo Guest at Final Cut. [...]

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