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Eros is about a blind person (Nick Jacobs) who was never been able to imagine the world around him.
How does he cope with this lack of sight? Why isn’t he able to project his own world inside of his head? When he meets a curious girl (Rianne van der Schoot) all of this is gonna [...]

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Made for Each Other: Little Bright Eyes

This medicine’s experimental.

You won’t believe those eyes…
The spot has been directed by Fons Schiedon and produced at PostPanic.
Character animation: Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet at Birdo Studio. Assistant animators: Pedro Eboli, Rafael Gallardo.
The song is Vertigo by Anya Marina. The directors cut features music by Bram Meindersma.
Non crederete agli occhi…
Lo spot è stato diretto da [...]

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ALE CAMARGO – A noite do vampiro

Mas nem doeu!

“A vampire tries to sleep, but a terrible predator approaches.” It’s interesting that vampires go to sleep after their morning rituals.
“Action, german expressionism and brocolli pizza”, in A noite do vampiro (The Night of the Vampire) an “award-winning short film by Alê Camargo.”
Soundtrack by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gioacchino Rossini and Georges Bizet.
Un vampiro [...]

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Creature Discomforts: Sneaking Up

…you learn how to deal with it.

“In this commercial we see just one animated animal who is a blind Chameleon. He is talking to the camera. This animal is the visual representation of a real blind man who is talking about living with his disability.”
Director: Steve Harding-Hill at Aardman. Creative agency: Freud Communications. Post production: [...]

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Shots: Birthday

Shots are fired and a whole generation is affected and changed forever.

“Injured veterans from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have two days with which to recognize and celebrate their lives.”
“Like all of us, they have a birthday, but special and unique to them, they also have an alive day which commemorates the [...]

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Imaginantes: The Dream Master

una pausa para la imaginación…

In future psychoanalysis, therapist and patient are connected each other by means of a sort of helmet that allows direct transmission of images and thoughts.
This is the premise of Roger Zelazny’s Nebula Award winner novel The Dream Master, briefly but vividly illustrated in this short movie.
“Imaginantes is a cultural proposal [...]

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