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BJORK – Wanderlust

Listen loud!

When this video was released I decided not to watch it. The hype was so high, so many things were said before even having the chance to see anything, that there was no way I could have enjoyed it.
Now that I’ve finally took the time to watch it…. Well, I’ll watch it again. And [...]

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BJORK – Unravel

While you are awayMy heart comes undoneSlowly unravelsIn a ball of yarn
The devil collects itWith a grinOur love, our love,In a ball of yarn
He’ll never returns itHe’ll never returns it
When you come backWe’ll have to make new love.

Turns out that one of my favourite songs has a music video. Well, not actually. These are visuals [...]

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BJORK – Possibly Maybe

Since we broke upI’m using lipstick againI’ll suck my tongueIn remembrance of you

Björk and director Stéphane Sednaoui enact a vivid and symbolic representation of their love story. Possibly. Maybe.
Possibly Maybe is a song released as the fifth single from Björk’s 1995 album Post.
She said: “The first unhappy song I wrote was Possibly Maybe. That [...]

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BJORK – Big Time Sensuality

we just metand i know i’m a bit too intimatebut something huge is coming up

Big Time Sensuality was Björk’s fourth single and music video, released in november 1993. Written by Björk & Nellee Hooper, produced by Nellee Hooper.
The video is shot on location, in the streets of New York, in 1993 by Stéphane Sednaoui, featuring [...]

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BJORK – All is Full Love

It’s all around you

All is Full of Love is an elegant, moving description of two Björk robots in love. As they are pieced and wired into existence, they sing to each other and fall in love. [Source: Director File]
You may also want to check out Mouvement mécanique, a different take on the theme.
Björk’s multi award [...]

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MTV: Bjork

The truth about the birth oj Björk. This is not a riddle. Just a commercial directed by Lisa Rubisch.
La verità sulla nascita di Björk. Non è un indovinello, solo uno spot diretto da Lisa Rubisch.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Bjork da Bob Central.[Format: Quicktime - Size: 3 MB - Running Time: 1 min.]
WATCH: Guarda Bjork su Putfile.
WATCH: Guarda [...]

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