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VIFF 2009: Sexuality

“The following film may contain scenes of sexuality. Or scenes that make you question your own sexuality. Or the sexuality of the person who recommended the movie. Or sexuality altogether…”

A weird spot directed by Tim Godsall and produced at Biscuit and OPC. Creative agency: TBWA. Editor: Geoff Hounsell at Arcade Edit. Visual effects: Airship. Telecine: Company 3. Audio: Beacon Street Studios and Pinewood Sound.

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Left and rightLike day and nightThat’s what makes the world go round.

There’s the right job for you out there. All it takes is the right frame of mind to ignore it and keep slacking…
The commercial has been produced at MJZ and directed by Rupert Sanders. Creative agency: BBDO, New York.
Director of photography: Greig Fraser. Editor [...]

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Farmer`s: Commute

Sanity makes a comeback.

Surviving a car accident it’s not just a matter of the moment. The aftermaths need adaptation to the environment, or a good insurance. If you can afford it.
The spot has been directed by Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks for creative agency Campbell Ewald. Visual effects by Animal Logic.
Same campaign, from the same [...]

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Ninja Warriors: Hand Slap

It’s a battle of ninjas.Sort of.

Legendary Japanese show Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) is introduced to American audiences with this campaign that features real Shaolin monks, epic landscapes and dismemberment. Sort of.
The campaign has been created by 72andSunny Los Angeles agency. Filming was directed by Tim Godsall at Biscuit Filmworks.
Editor was Lucas Eskin at Mad River Post. [...]

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Hummer: Monster

It’s a little monster.

On a raid, Godzilla meets Robotto. It’s love at first sight, and not a sterile love.
This (by now) classic commercial was directed by Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks.
Visual effects done at Method Studios. Editor was Avi Oron at Bikini Films. Director of photography: Toby Irwin.
Godzilla all’attacco incontra Robotto. E’ amore a priva [...]

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