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The Kingdom: Title Sequence

The FBI is the lead agencywhenever the US citizens areattacked abroad

The title sequence for The Kingdom, feature film directed by Peter Berg, is an entertaining and informative sequence which sketches United States’ involvement in Saudi Arabia during the last century.
The sequence is the work of Pic Agency.
I titoli di testa di The Kingdom, film diretto [...]

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ERIC HENRY – Pirates & Emperors

‘Cause there are pirates and emperors,but they’re really the same thingwhen they go and try to reach the same endsby using the same means…

“While critics decry the United States’ current brand of military and economic imperialism as dangerously unprecedented, great powers have been throwing their weight around like schoolyard bullies since St. Augustine’s time. This [...]

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LA PHAZE, "Assaut Final"

Attenzione. Potrebbe contenere Bush e Bin Laden…Video di un gruppo francese, per il singolo tratto dal loro nuovo album, Fin de cycle.Sul sito dei La Phaze potete ascoltare tutto l’album. Volendo, anche scaricarlo. I link a seguire…Se qualcuno conosce il testo, lo posti pure!

Apri il filmato in una finestra
Scarica il video in formato Quicktime. (Nel [...]

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