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Consumerism! The Musical

Let’s sing and dance with this short film from our regular guests from Whitestone Motion Pictures, “a satire and celebration of the culture we live in.”

It’s funny how you can at the same time empathize and feel aversion towards the main character. Kind of how I feel at myself usually.

Consumerism! The Musical was directed by Brandon McCormick. Music by Nick Kirk and Billy Wilkerson. Starring: Justin Carter.

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Only the very young and the very fool believe in magic.

A disenchanted magician (Jackson Walker), with the help of a lovely fairy, gains back his belief in magic.
A short movie produced at Whitestone Motion Pictures, directed and edited by Brandon McCormick.
Coproducer: Dave Ronne. Production manager: Masi Willis. Production designer: Bill Johnson.
Additional cast: Mark Ashworth, Sorrel [...]

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BRANDON McCORMICK – The Watchmaker’s Son

Somewhere between a tock and a tick,When a boy became a man in a day.The Watchmaker learned that his father was sick,Years after inheriting his trade.

“A fairy-tale about the desire to love and be loved, all while pursuing our own emperors gold watch.”
A Burton-esque short film directed by Brandon McCormick, produced at Whitestone.
Cast: Zachary Burke [...]

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Do you hear the Lion roar?

“A Hero (Jackson Walker) comes from the wilderness to cry out to the captives, pleading for them to awaken” and set free from the Villain (Barry Bishop).
A musical movie directed by Brandon McCormick at Whitestone Pictures. I am amazed at the quality he is able to keep on all his [...]

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BRANDON McCORMICK – Robert the Robot

Do you have rockets in your shoes?

“Robert the Robot was once at the top of his game…way back in the 70’s. But now, with smaller and cheaper electronics, he’s been forced to become a homeless robot, until one day, he stumbles upon his true purpose.”
Who knows if him and Walter know each other?
The latest from [...]

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Off the Shelf

A little red flower takes a journey to find something more to life.

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Smiling Addiction

Treat your smiling addiction, today…

A beautiful short movie and/or music video “about the pursuit of happiness, and self medication.”
Smiles are like a mask that we wear to adapt to our social context and its expectations, often unconsciously. Yeah, that was Luigi Pirandello. But today we have our little friends to help us keep smiling…
The [...]

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