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Persil: Roboboy

The touching story of a sad-eyed little robot who gradually transforms into a real living, breathing and playing boy as he kicks up the dry leaves, feels the grass under his feet, picks up a worm, catches raindrops on his tongue and sloshes about in a very muddy puddle.

The spot was directed by Philippe Andre and produced at Bikini Films. Creative agency: BBH.

Post produced at The Mill. Editor: Richard Orrick at Work.

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See what I’m trying to say is:You make things… betterAnd no matter what the day is,With you here… it’s better..

Oh, love is so sweet… Yeah, I know, don’t be too hard on me now, ‘mkay? Someboday just said that this site is just like ebaum’s. My poor little heart is broken and I need something [...]

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