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Starbucks: Crazy Beliefs

The nice animated spot produced at Green Dot is the work of Three Legged Legs. Animation: Jameson Baltes, David Do, Mike Tavarez. Design: Chuck Bb, Alex Preston, Thomas Yamaoka. Music: Stimmung. Creative Agency: BBDO, New York.

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Royal Bank of Canada: Muffin Man

A fully animated spot taking the viewer through the runaway expansion of a muffin making business from a small stall to big company.

The spot was directed by Tom Perrett and Mark Perrett and produced by Melody Sylvester at Nexus.

Music and sound design: Brains & Hunch. Creative direction: Ian MacKellar, Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi at BBDO Toronto.

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Care: Packages

HD Video available in the underneath links.

A short film commissioned by the charitable organisation Care, to commemorate their 60th anniversary.
The film traces the history of Care, “as seen through the eyes of a child’s Teddy Bear”.
Conceived and directed by Mario Cavalli and produced by Colony Media at Th1ng. Design and Backgrounds: Ashley Potter.
Lighting Cameraman: Simon [...]

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RBC: Mr. Long Legs

Create your vacation sooner.

A delightful animated spot for Royal Bank of Canada (check out This Much too) where, uhm… if lies have short legs, how do you call those which have huge ones?
The spot has been directed by FX and Mat (François Xavier Goby and Matthieu Landour), also co-directors of En tus brazos.
Produced by Mary [...]

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Snickers: Tag

HD Video available in the underneath links

Bio-mechanical animals hunt each other thru the streets of Toronto in the 4th installment of this series of ads.
The spot has been directed by Alex & Steffen and produced at Spy Films. Post produced at Unexpected GMBH.
Director of photography: Maher Maleh. Music and sound design: Supreme. Creative agency: BBDO, [...]

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AT&T: Beat City

Well I request you be my friendWe’ll spend some time taking drugs.

Apparently, new generation music players will let you change clothes, hair and demeanor at your will.
The spot has been directed by Alan Bibby and produced at Stardust. Edited by Andrew Borin.
Creative agency: BBDO, New York. Creative directors: Susan Credle, Darren Wright, David Skinner, Patrick [...]

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11.11.11 – Workers are not Tools

Fight Injustice

Heavy handed but effective visual metaphor of the social injustices and the exploiting of the working class.
A spot directed by Andreas Hasle and produced by Brigitte Baudine at Caviar Content.
Editor: Stijn De Coninck at Condor Post Production. Director of photography: Patrick Otten. Sound and music: Sonicville.
Creative agency: VVL/BBDO. Creatives: Jef Boes, Jan Ockerman. Agency [...]

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Gol: Lagartas

Chega um dia em que todo mundo descobre como é fácil voar.

A caterpillar is yearning and then learning to fly. Just like one day the whole world will…
The spot has been directed by Nando Cohen and produced at Vetor Zero.
Creative agency: Almap BBDO. Creative directors: Marcello Serpa and Cássio Zanatta.
Un bruco desidera e poi impara [...]

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RBC Blue Water Project: This Much

Let’s protect it together

This spot made me thirsty…
Directed by Convert, the collective created by Adam Bluming and signed to The Ebeling Group.
Creative director: Rich Scurry. Executive producer: Mick Ebeling. Producer: Amy Fahl.
Animation: Karolina Sobecka, Joshua Harvey (previously: Abridged) and Rich Scurry. Illustrations: Jon Klassen (previously: An Eye for Annai). Design: Jon Klassen and Rich Scurry.
Creative [...]

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Don’t Disappoint the Stork!

That poor bird risked all its feathers for you, so: what are you doing with your life, uh?
The spot was directed by Daniel Kleinman and produced by Johnnie Frankel at Rattling Stick.
Visual effects and telecine were brilliantly handled at Framestore. Creative agency: BBDO, New York.
Il povero uccello ha rischiato le penne per [...]

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GE: Clouds

Shinin’ down like water

Hundreds of buckets are hoisted into the sky and poured into a huge watering can.
The spot has been directed and produced by Traktor. Advertising agency: BBDO.
Director of photography: Emanuelle Lebatique. Editor: Gavin Cutler at MacKenzie Cutler. Visual effects by The Mill.
The song is Have you Ever Seen the Rain? as performed by [...]

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The Many Perils of Over-Studying: Political Science

Benny quickly became politic. And scientific.

You start the habit to deal with pain of being away from home, but then it takes over you.
This is one of the three two-minute web shorts animated by Curious Pictures directors Rohitash Rao and Abraham Spear for creative agency BBDO, New York.
Previously: History, Maths.
Cominci per alleviare il dolore di [...]

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The Many Perils of Over-Studying: Mathematics

Jimmy was forced to work at nightto pay for his ever growing need for Mathematics.

A dysfunctional family, the wrong friends, and you find yourself into the tunnel of mathematics. No way out, dude!
This is one of the three two-minute web shorts animated by Curious Pictures directors Rohitash Rao and Abraham Spear for creative agency BBDO, [...]

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FedEx: Carrier Pigeons

That’s been taking care of.

The bigger is the bird, the heavier is the load it can drop, the more painful is the impact.
The spot has been directed by Tom Kuntz at MJZ. Director of photography: Jeff Cronenweth. Creative agency: BBDO, New York.
Editor: Gavin Cutler at Mackenzie Cutler. Sound engineer: Marc Healy. Visual effects: Framestore CFC.
Più [...]

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Feet Want Out: Bus Stop

I guess you’ve seen this coming, and who am I to disappoint you? Here’s the third and final installment in the Feet Want Out campaign.
This one was directed by Pete Circuitt at Bitstate, while Three Legged Legs did the real action segment at the end.
Music composed by Darren Solomon from Science for Girls, for [...]

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