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The Head

The Head is an animated phantasmagoria that reminds the golden era of hand drawn animation without being a direct homage to that style, but rather pursuing a style of its own.

The film is the work of Matias Vigliano AKA Parquerama and Dante Zaballa AKA Podoboo. Sound design: Ariel Gandolfo AKA Nicholas van Orton.

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Bring Me The Horizon – The Comedown

You’re One Ugly Mother Fucker!

Predator has issues trying to adapt to the ordinary life of Rotherham. He’ll attend a recovery group with his friends Chewbacca, Sooty and Mr. Blobby.
Bring Me The Horizon is Oliver Sykes, Matt Nichols, Curtis Ward, Matt Keane and Lee Malia, the people making noise in the video.
The Comedown is a single [...]

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Glory of Sports: Slippery Town

Slippery when not wet

Slippery Town is a, well, a town where everything is, well, slippery. While Nooge is a guy who never quite understood how to slip right…
Glory of Sports is a series of five short movies commissioned by Panasonic to celebrate the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics.
This one was made by Honest.
Slippery Town è, beh, [...]

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