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Giraffes and Laughs and Feelings and Things

“A kiss and a traffic accident thrust Calum (Ashley Cook) and Lucy (Zahra Browne), both twenty-something and “just good friends”, into a strange limbo constructed entirely from their own memories.”

A short film written and directed by Matt Strachan and produced by Gemma Mitchell at The Room. Director of photography: Todd Kleparski. Editor: Zoran Trajkovic. Soundtrack: Cellophane by Aaron Smith; Freejazz by The Envelopes.

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Talk Talk: Brighter

Don’t know if seeing all the colors of the rainbow while using a cellphone might be considered a good thing. But it makes for a good ad.

The spot was directed by Noah Harris and produced by Andrew Studholme at Blink Ink.

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For those who cherish musicmore than historyhere is a little reminder.

A magnificent example of great animation made out of near to nothing. Only matches and match boxes.
Made in April 2009 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a bar in Montreal, Canada, named Laika, after the first animal launched in orbit.
Laika (the short film, that is) [...]

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Jesus is Back

Was he bigger than me?

A pilot for an animated series that is very likely to never see the light. No idea about who’s going to hell for this.
Testify the second coming of Jesus, the chance encounter with a former brothel mom and the traumatic discovery of how non self begotten child are made.
Also starring: Santa [...]

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eFTe radzi: Nothing is Disposal

Poużywaj sobie, raz nie wystarczy

If Travis Bickle was to live today, he’d be a recycling geek. And would get the girls.
Se Travis Bickle vivesse oggi, sarebbe un nerd del riciclaggio. E cuccherebbe.

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DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Nothing’s Disposal.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 24 MB - Running Time: 100 sec.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica [...]

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Unicycle Joe

I’m not supposed to be yarrrrrrr!

When three kids take the seats reserved to the pirates, a series of rather nonsensical misadventure (involving a boy who had a unicycle for a leg) begins.
The short film is the work of Alan Cook and Philip Rodrigues, their graduation project at the Sheridan Institute.
Quando tre ragazzi usano le sedie [...]

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Many Birthdays – Days Like Turtles

“A chain reaction begins in a cafe…”
Many Birthdays is an experimental music band from Austin, Texas. Members are: Sarah Luce, John Dixon, Henna Chou, Rachel Fuhrer.
Days Like Turtles is featured on their 2006 EP entitled Days of Beat / Days of Hollow.
The music video has been directed and animated by Eric Power at Clear [...]

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Hey La La – Art of Toys

“A heartbroken creature searches the world for love, only to find it in the least suspected place.”
The video has been animated and directed by Eric Power of Clear Productions.
“Una creatura dal cuore spezzato cerca l’amore ovunque, per poi trovarlo dove meno te l’aspetti.”
Il video è stato animato e diretto da Eric Power presso Clear [...]

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KITTY LIN – The Sky Bar

If you believe in reincarnation, this is what your next life will look like: shaken, not stirred!
This delicious short movie is the work of Kitty Lin, a student of the School of Visual Arts in New York.
The soundtrack is Bartender Angel, as sung by Mavis Fan, a Taiwanese pop singer. According to this website, the [...]

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KENT HUGO – L`or rouge

Play Airways is the motion graphics and animation team of Kent Hugo, Josh Rankin and Alex Kurina, three Canadian artists. In 2005, Kent Hugo take a break to learn 3D animation at the Sheridan College.
The result is this short movie, designed as an homage to the work of the French artist A.M. Cassandre (born Adolphe [...]

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NACHO VIGALONDO – 7:35 de la manana

A woman enters a bar… No, it’s not the typical joke: she just wants to have breakfast, like she’s used to do every morning. But something breaks in the daily routine. Oddly, no one talks. You can’t even hear a cellphone ring. And then this guy starts to sing a serenade. At 7:35 in the [...]

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A bar mistress try to amuse a cute girl playing music with the glasses. The world suddenly regains his colors. They come out in the streets keep playing when…
This short is the final project of three EESA students: Joris Vanbiervliet, Sandrine Bergerot, Sandrine Moniez.
Una barista prova a far divertire una ragazzina suonando coi bicchieri. Il [...]

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An old Supinfocom animated short, realized by Renaud Roullet, Laurent Makowski, Nicolas deConte and Jérôme Lesage.
It’s the story of a clown that falls in love with Lucie, the mysterious waitress of the pub where he use to spent most part of his time…
Well, looking at this remember that it dates back 1999. So, the models [...]

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