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Mew – Repeaterbeater

A group session at the therapist turns into a surreal nightmare. The kind of nightmares you’re not necessarily going to wake up from.

Repeaterbeater is a single taken from Mew’s album whose title is so long it won’t even fit on the CD, as appears from the image below…

It’s the second of three videos for Mew produced at Bacon, Copenhagen, directed by Lasse Martinussen with Martin De Thurah and Adam Hashemi.

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Mew – Introducing Palace Players

Every night turned on grey.

Snails. Hoisted objects in the woods. “Basic geometry and existing systems in the world meeting and communicating like they used to. Regrouping slowly into new shapes.” (Source: Dazed)
Mew is a Danish alternative music band consisting of Jonas Bjerre, Bo Madsen, and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen. Johan Wohlert left the band (in [...]

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Fever Ray: When I Grow Up

On the seventh day i restFor a minute or twoThen back on my feet to call for you.

“Something weird, beautiful, atmospheric and extraordinary lurks in the frigid suburbia of Copenhagen. On the diving board.”
Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Andersson (of The Knife) and this is the second single taken from the debut album.
The music video [...]

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Ikea: Home

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, how elaborate or simple, how cheap or expensive. There’s no place like home.
The spot has been directed by Martin de Thurah and produced by Christian Zethner at Bacon Copenhagen.
Post production made at Duckling. Director of photography: Kasper Tuxen.
Creatives: James Godfrey and Michael Robert at Robert/Boisen & [...]

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Coke Zero: A Taste of Life as it Should Be

Baby, whipped-cream or chocolate sauce?

Revenge can be sweet, but somehow, it is even more delicious with no sugar added.
This cinematic spot has been directed by Martin Werner at Bacon CPH. Creative agency: Grey København.
The female protagonist should be Cassandra Bell, who already starred in the video for Muse’s Knights of Cydonia.
La vendetta è dolce, ma [...]

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In De Vuilbak: Tilt

Are you afraid of the crap?

Drinking can be dangerous, for you and for the others. Don’t drink and play pinball.
The spot has been directed by Martin Werner at Bacon CPH. Visual effects and color grading done at Duckling.
Bere è pericoloso per te e per gli altri. Non giocare a flipper dopo aver bevuto!!!
Lo spot è [...]

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A1: Jump

A man is dining in a restaurant with his lady when he has the brilliant idea to put some drops of sauce on his steak…
The spot has been directed by Kasper Wedendahl, currently signed to Bacon CPH and The Gang Films.
Un uomo è a cena al ristorante, con la sua dama, quando ha la brillante [...]

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Prisen: Arnold 2005

Since the guy won an important advertising award, nothing seems to turn him on anymore.
Viral directed by Adam Hashemi at Bacon Copenhagen. Director of photography: Lasse Frank Johannessen.
Da quando ha vinto un importante premio, niente sembra più avere l’effetto di eccitarlo…
Spot virale diretto da Adam Hashemi presso Bacon Copenhagen. Direttore della fotografia: Lasse Frank Johannessen.


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