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Password? WTF?!?

If you’ve been asked for a password when trying to view credits, previews or Vimeo videos, that’s my fault. I’ve mistakenly activated authentication on the directory where the Automaton resides. Fixed now.

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Mail and Comments

Hey! I just received my first post package sent to Nofatclips. Awesome! (In fact, the postman delivered it to my neighbor…)

In other news, I’ve added the canonical URL to single post pages, so that Google webmaster tools should stop bothering about duplicate pages. Some precious info found at Live Experience.

The Automaton has now the possibility to add specific support for a single website along with generic routines. I’ve used it for Spy Films.

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Over Time: Link Updated (+ Info)

Over Time is back again online. The original clip is lost somewhere on the net… Thanks to Alex for the heads up!

In other news: the Automaton now supports websites which redirects to a single clip (like Internet Archive) or to multiple clips (like Amazon AWS). Also, started the object oriented rewrite of the software.

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To Blank or not to Blank

I removed the “target blank” attribute from external links: this means that when clicking on a link, the page opens in the same window, unless you explicitly open it in a new window or tab. Let me know if you prefer it this way or the old way.

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Technicalities and more Credits

No posts and no clips make DeK something something.

Ok, this is the last tech post for a while, I promise. I’ve put Thickbox back in place. Can’t use it for previews, but is still good for single images and credits.
Also, added the Automaton a slight function, to tell absolute URLs out of relative URLs, developed [...]

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