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Me and my Goldfish Were Going to the Pub

Whoa! Look out everybody!This is the Mother of Oh-Crikey situations!Cover your undies and head for the bunkers!Cos here comes Doctor Half-a-lager-shandy-with-a-twist-of-limeand his Goldfish and they’re gonna be raisin’ hellwith their mates tonight! (If they turn up)..

Our boozed hero and his goldfish will meet several people in their alcoholic pilgrimage. Including William Shakespeare.
The short movie was [...]

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Paul Steel – Your Loss

Yes it’s trueI’m not in love with you

Paul Steel and his band are involved in a “chemical contraption” whose aim is not clear: to capture the heart of the damsel, or just to impress her? Well, both the tasks will be accomplished…
Paul Steel is a British singer, songwriter and producer from Brighton. Your Loss is [...]

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Facing That Void uses a combination of puppetry and stop-motion animation to deliver a story of a woman haunted by the demons of hip-hop. Two devils emerge from a boombox and try to turn her into a marionette. (Source: The Private Dick Plog)
General Elektriks is the brainchild of Hervé Salters (also known as RV Salters [...]

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