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Geweldenaren van Ver

“Misfortune fell on us… They came from above!” The Earth is once again invaded by unfriendly aliens in a fashion that reminds of the more recent Ataque de Pánico! Youtube sensation.

Geweldenaren van Ver (Tyrants from Afar) is a “visual effects extravaganza”, “a tribute to science fiction films from the fifties and a reaction to the exaggerated patriotic character of recent american blockbusters.”

It is the work of: Wesly Grefrath and Floris Vos at Soulbase; Arjan van Meerten, Bobby De Groot and Sven Neve at House of Secrets. Music by Jeroen Tel at Maniacs of Noise.

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Klik Festival 2009: Leader

When a dude (played by Sander Kamermans) finds a clicking gadget on the road, he’ll enter the world of every otaku’s dreams. Well, not just otakus I guess…

The leader for the 2009 edition of the Klik Festival has been made by Bobby de Groot, Sven Neve and Arjan van Meerten at House of Secrets.

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arjanM – Blackhole

A nice video, that reminds me of the demoscene, more than of ordinary music videos. Music and video are the work of Arjan M. Video produced at House of Secrets.

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