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Song For The Divine Mother Of The Universe

I wanted to post this on Mother’s Day, so I guess I’m a little late to the party. Even though, in a sense, every day is Mother’s day.

Ben Lee is an Australian musician and actor. Song For The Divine Mother Of The Universe is the second single from The Rebirth of Venus.

The music video [SLASH viral video for the WWF] has been produced by Revolver Films and directed by Steve Rogers. Director of Photography: Mandy Walker. Editor: Jack Hutchings at The Butchery.

Post-Production: Animal Logic. Prosthetics: Odd Studios. Creative agency: Leo Burnett.

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Goat the Head – Darwinian Minions

Goat the Head is a death metal band from Trondheim in Norway. Members are: Per Spjøtvold, Ketil Sæther, Kenneth Kapstad and Trond Frønes. Darwinian Minions is a single taken from their debut album, entitled Simian Supremacy and released in 2007 for Tabu Recordings.

The music video has been produced, directed… presumably everything-ed by Helmet.

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THILO EWERS – They Will Come to Town

Something is coming…


If you’re not coming under water with me, the water will come to you to getcha. There is no escape, except maybe to “stop global warming before it stops us”…
They Will Come to Town is a beautiful short film SLASH public service announcement, directed by Thilo Ewers.
Produced by Franziska Specht at the Institute [...]

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Birdpen – Breaking Precedent

Blatant ignorancereaching deathperhaps everyone needs.

In a post apocalyptic world somebody is still singing the disconnected story of the human race. A surviving reminiscence, perhaps an admonition for all the other living things.
BirdPen are Mike Bird, Dave Pen and James Livingston Seagull. Breaking Precedent is featured on their latest album On/Off/Safety/Danger.
The music video was directed by [...]

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eFTe radzi: Do not Risk. Recycle

Nie ryzykuj segreguj

It came from the rubbish… And since you can’t get something out of nothing, that should mean that rubbish is something.
Essi arrivano dalla spazzatura… E siccome non si ottiene nulla dal nulla, significa che che la spazzatura deve essere qualcosa.

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DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Don’t Risk. Recycle.[Format: MPEG-4 [...]

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“A man comes back alive, in a post Katrina world, to lead a bunch of lost souls back to sea to meet their destiny.”
A short film directed by Benh Zeitlin and produced by Dan Janvey, Par Parekh and Josh Penn at Court 13.
Executive producers: Michael Gottwald, Rob Leitzell. Co-producer: Viktor Jakovleski.
Written by Benh Zeitlin and [...]

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In 1995 alien refugees came to Earth,leaving their dying planet behind.

The greed of our leaders led humanity into an ill fated war with the aliens. OMG! We’re gonna die!!!
Warhead is a short movie by Adrian Lazar and Catalin Ion. Sound sample from Sound Snap.
The short film is based on an illustration by Michael Kutsche; hardware [...]

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Ten Kens – Spanish Fly

…And all the women left are crying.

“In the year 21XX, a lone driver roams the post apocalyptic country side striking down the wicked and depraved. The Spanish Fly enters the arena to bring justice and take down the manliest yet the most depraved and wickedest of dudes…El Conquista!!!”
The Ten Kens are a rock band [...]

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Nuclear Conflict Inevitable?

“In 2030, patrolling alien spaceships received a powerful radio wave, originating from the blue planet. A recon mission has been sent to investigate the disruption, to question and possibly capture one of the inhabitants of the planet also known as humans…”
A short film by Ark’s director Grzegorz Jonkajtys. Unline Ark, being an entry [...]

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RAY TINTORI – Jettison your Loved Ones

It’s a scientific fact that 97% of all humansfeel trapped and paralyzed by their lives.

Sam (Max Goldblatt), a man addicted to faking his own death, strives for glory while his abandoned son Paul (Jeff Delauter), a boxer who thinks he’s from the future, falls in love with his half-sister Elizabeth (Elizabeth Behl), the world’s greatest [...]

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Darksiders: Wrath of War

War is coming

Some space rubbish hit the Earth, carrying demons, angels and War, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.
The cinematic intro for Darksiders, a game developed by Vigil Games, a division of THQ.
No idea who made this, sorry.
Spazzatura spaziale colpisce la Terra, portandosi dietro angeli, demoni e Guerra, il cavaliere dell’apocalisse.
Sequenza d’introduzione per Darksiders, [...]

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I Am Alive

You don’t stand a chance.

“In the wake of what appears to be a natural disaster of insurmountable impact, one man is determined to stay alive.”
I Am Alive is a videogame that will be released by Ubisoft in 2009. Any informations on who made the animation?
“In seguito a ciò che appare come un disastro naturale di [...]

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e guardandomi allo specchioad un tratto sparissi…

A drama is about to consume in a post apocalyptic world. As if the apocalypse itself wasn’t enough yet…
Replay is a short movie by three students of the French school ESMA: Zakaria Boumediane, Anthony Voisin and Fabien Felicite-Zulma. Four, with Camille Delmeule.
Original music: Miguel Randrianasolo. Character design and storyboards: [...]

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The era of procrastination, of half measures, of soothing and bafflingexpedition, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we areentering a period of consequences.Sir Winston Churchill
HD Video downloadable below!

Commissioned by Black Dog Films, Forlorn is a short film, realized for the SOS Live Earth event, to raise awareness for the climate crisis.
“A [...]

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SEM ASSINK – Hold The Line

Love isn’t always on time…

I’ve posted this on Ticklebooth, Cine Clasico, Milk and Cookies, and probably somewhere else. Now there’s a high quality clip out there, so it’s time to close the circle.
“Hold the Line is an animation about four soldiers marching through the remains of a ruined world. Discipline keeps them together. When they [...]

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