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The Mantra Above the Spotless Melt Moon – The Fog

The humans, they all look like humans from here. And then: what about me?
The Mantra Above the Spotless Melt Moon is a band from Naples, Italy, comprised of David Famularo, Adriana Salomone, Mavrikij Oliviero, Salvio Sibillo.
The Fog is a song on their split album with the band God Is An Astronaut, released on April [...]

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Top End Pest Control: The Bugfather

They came from nowhere…

I’m gonna show you a clip you can’t refuse: Australian bugbuster company gets in the way of Tony Termite and his plans.
The spot was directed by James Calvert and produced at The People’s Republic of Animation. Creative agency: Image & Substance.

Vi mostro una clip che non potete rifiutare: una ditta di disenfestazioni [...]

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Ballistic Jaw Propulsion of Trap-Jaw Ants

To infinity, and beyond!

Where we learn that “the remarkably rapid mandible strikes of the trap-jaw ant can yield multiple functional outcomes.” (Source: PNAS)
Another short movie by Encyclopedia Pictura for the Wolphin DVD Magazine. This was featured on Issue #3.
Dove impariamo che “i veloci colpi di mascella della formica Odontomachus bauri possono avere esiti funzionali disparati.” [...]

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Ruby is lured away from Gene, in a fantastic adventure involving a magician and some photographs. But thanks to a troupe of magic ants and a space-time distortion, she’ll find her way back home…
The short has been written, directed, produced and edited by Danielle Zorbas of Independent Llama Productions. Director of photography: Judd Overton.
Ruby [...]

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