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Fuel TV: Meet & Brotatoes

Life’s better when you have fun. Ah, what a deep truth. In fact, it’s so deep that you gotta dig it.
The spot was made at Golden Lucky. Music by AntFood.
La vità è migliore quando ti diverti. Che profonda verità. Tanto profonda che è uscita dall’altra parte.
The spot was made at Golden Lucky. Music by [...]

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Fuel TV: Surf Spot


“Where the waves never end and you never have to pee in your wetsuit to stay warm (unelss you’re just into that sort of thing)”.
There were several Fuel TV spots waiting to be posted while I tried to get a better clip. But now that Fuel TV has its own Vimeo channel, why waiting anymore?
This [...]

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Freelancers Union: Bad Meeting

If we want better teeth,we need a better system.

“A designer’s presentaion for Globocomcorp gets off to an akward start and then goes way, way downhill.”
The spot has been directed by Lifelong Friendship Society. Director of photography: Ryan Luis Beltran.
Creative directors: Phil Gable and Julie Lamb. Sound designer: Bill Chesley at Amber Music. Mixer: Wilson Brown [...]

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Guinness: Tipping Point

Uh-uh. I don’t tip…I don’t believe in it.

If you haven’t done it yet, check out how Guinness decided to spend ten million pounds. Pitagora switchi…
Once again, the director is Nicolai Fuglsig (whose name I still have to copy and paste) at MJZ. Creative agency: AMV BBDO.
Editor was Rick Russell at Final Cut Studio. Director of [...]

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