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Annecy 2010: Red River Bay

It’s the story of a boy who tries to escape his daily struggle by means of his creativity. Or perhaps he tries to steal the dragon’s balls. In both cases, the dragon is not very pleased.

Red River Bay is one of the trailers made by the students of the Gobelins for the 2010 Annecy Festival.

The film is the work of Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Rachid Guendouze, Maxime Mary, Jeremy Pires. Sound design: Gérard Labady.

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Here is a “short film about a young boy in India chasing after his dream.” The lesson learned here: once you learned the lesson then go and put it into practice.

The short film has been directed and animated by Nicolas Athané, Méryl Franck, Alexis Liddell, Andres Salaff and Maïlys Vallade. Produced at Les Gobelins in Paris as an opening film for the Annecy Film Festival 2008.

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Wake Up

Wake up, it’s time to… I dunno, but it’s time.
An opener for Annecy 2004 made by Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou and Bernard Ling at the Gobelins school.
Sveglia, è tempo di… Non lo so, ma è tempo.
Trailer per Annecy 2004, opera di Christelle Abgrall, Anaïs Chevillard, Virginie Hanrigou e Bernard Ling presso la [...]

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Nuit blanche

El sueño de la razon produce monstruos

The Gobelins trailers for Annecy 2008 are out. This one, though, is from 2004.
Authors: David Etien, Vincent Sales, Julie Serviere, Pierre Tricoire.
I trailer per Annecy 2008 di Gobelins sono online. Questo qui, tuttavia, è del 2004.
Autori: David Etien, Vincent Sales, Julie Serviere, Pierre Tricoire.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Nuit blanche.[Format: Quicktime - [...]

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Festival qualite’

Opening a film festival can sometimes be like jumping into the void, something like that.
Festival qualité was made to open the Annecy Festival 2004 by four students of the Gobelins school: Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonede, Jun Frederic Violet and Remi Zaarour.
Two out of them (Pierre Perifel and Xavier Ramonede) are also authors of Le [...]

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Le carnet

Hey, if your scrapbook is like that, don’t even dare asking me to pose for a portrait. Not that you’d like to, anyways…
A trailer for Annecy 2003 from a team of Gobelins students: Gaëlle Beerens, Mehdi Leffad, Olivier Lescot, Anthony Menard, Paul Linsley.
Se il vostro carnet è tipo questo, non ci provate neanche a [...]

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Le miroir

A creepy 30 seconds trailer for the 2003 Annecy festival, realized by Gobelins students Thomas Balard, Lucien Larrame, Joann Leblanc, Thierry Ngo.
Orrifico trailer da 30 secondi per il festival di Annecy 2003, realizzato da Thomas Balard, Lucien Larrame, Joann Leblanc e Thierry Ngo, studenti di Gobelins.

DOWNLOAD: Scarica Le miroir.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 3 MB - [...]

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Well, no better way to start over than with a trailer, ain’t it? So, let’s start the engines…
The short animation was realized by José Deransart, Paul Leluc, Pasquale Carlotti, Anne Voitot and Perrine Rogier at Gobelins, for the Annecy 2002 Festival.
Non c’è modo migliore di un trailer per ricominciarem vero? Avviamo i motori…
La breve [...]

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Le Building

Warning: cartoony nudity.

Le Building is yet another animated short from Gobelins intended as an opening for the Annecy Festival, year 2005. The posting is partially inspired by this.
Old good granny wants his neighbour to stop singing out loud. A crazy chain reaction follows. Chaos ensues.
The authors are: Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Xavier Ramonéde, Olivier Staphylas, [...]

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An improbable meeting, in an improbable place, leads to a hopeful outcome. And to a groovie jam session…
Traintamarre is another student short movie from Gobelins which opened Annecy 2006.
Le staff: Sébastien Piquet, Béatrice Bourloton, Eléa Gobbé Mévellec and Benjamin L’Hoste.
Musicians: Romain Parpillon, Antoine Passet [...]

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Jurannessic tells the story of a caveman, likely the first genius in history, who is responsible for the invention of cinema, animation and pornography, and for the urban legend that wants activities associated with the latter to cause blindness.
This is one of the short shorts realized by Gobelins students as trailers for the Annecy [...]

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REGINA PESSOA – Historia Tragica com Final Feliz

“A little girl finds acceptance in embracing her own difference. This whimsically lyrical film has the timeless charm of an old fable – one whose subject is difference and self-affirmation.” (Source: NFB Canada)
“Through images evoking the rich texture of a woodblock print, the filmmaker has created a world of contrasts complemented by a lively soundtrack [...]

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