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And who amongst us hasn’t experienced a love affair gone painfully wrong?

“An animate! commission for Channel4, Sweet Salt is an experimental journey in the elements, winner of the Red Stick Festival Professional Experimental Award in 2006.”
“A love story of obsession and sharp teeth between a woman (Gwynne McElveen) left behind in a fairy tale [...]

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GAELLE DENIS – City Paradise

I know, I know. Almost any video blog (including my previous one, even tho it was not exactly a blog) did a post about this movie… I tried to resist. But some of the images from this movie are stuck on my mind from the first time I saw it, more than one year ago.
Tomoko, [...]

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SIRI MELCHIOR – The Dog who was a Cat Inside

This is a classic, but I’ve found this nice high resolution version, and like to share it.
The Dog Who Is a Cat Inside is a special animal. The dog and cat live together in the same body, but this causes conflict. They learn that only by resolving their differences and working together can they [...]

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