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Song For The Divine Mother Of The Universe

I wanted to post this on Mother’s Day, so I guess I’m a little late to the party. Even though, in a sense, every day is Mother’s day.

Ben Lee is an Australian musician and actor. Song For The Divine Mother Of The Universe is the second single from The Rebirth of Venus.

The music video [SLASH viral video for the WWF] has been produced by Revolver Films and directed by Steve Rogers. Director of Photography: Mandy Walker. Editor: Jack Hutchings at The Butchery.

Post-Production: Animal Logic. Prosthetics: Odd Studios. Creative agency: Leo Burnett.

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Yellow: Party

Does the finding for you.

“A gathering of hands that bring the party to the homeowners and do all the hard work for them.”
The spot was directed by Mark Molloy and produced by Wilf Sweetland at Exit Films. Director of photography: Greig Fraser.
Visual effects produced by Victoria Kendall at Animal Logic. Art director: Dael Oates. Computer [...]

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Carlton Draught: Skytroop


The great beer in the sky. Enjoy responsibly!
The spot has been directed by Paul Middleditch at Plaza Films. Directors of photography: Danny Ruhlmann, Simon Hammond, Shane Sparkes.
Post produced at Animal Logic under the supervision of Angus Wilson and art direction by Ben Walsh. Flame artist: Howard Hill. CGI lead: Scott Hunter and Jonathan Dearing.
Editor: Peter [...]

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Farmer`s: Commute

Sanity makes a comeback.

Surviving a car accident it’s not just a matter of the moment. The aftermaths need adaptation to the environment, or a good insurance. If you can afford it.
The spot has been directed by Noam Murro at Biscuit Filmworks for creative agency Campbell Ewald. Visual effects by Animal Logic.
Same campaign, from the same [...]

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Tooheys Extra Dry: HarvesTED

The clean crisp taste.

Teddy boy is gonna show you how they really made beer. Brewing is out of fashion.
HarvesTED was directed by Steve Ayson at The Sweet Shop; director of photography: Danny Ruhlmann. Editor: Jack Hutchings.
Post produced at Animal Logic with the supervision of Leoni Willis. Creative agency: BMF, Sidney.
“The music for HarvesTED is a [...]

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What’s Inside

Impossible is nothing.

Adidas commercial directed by Noam Murro, featuring NBA player Kevin Garnett. They worked together on a previous ad, Carry.
The characters are a metaphor for the different parts of Kevin’s personality that are displayed on the basketball court. (Source: Adidas Press Room)
Noam Murro is currently signed to Biscuit Filmworks and is represented by Circle [...]

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