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Talkdemonic – Duality of Deathening

Talkdemonic is an avant-instrumental folktronic duo based in Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro.

Duality of Deathening is a track from their 2008 album entitled Eyes at Half Mast and released for Arena Rock Recording.

The music video is the work of Orie Weeks III. The middle part is inspired to the famous Der Mensch als Industriepalast by Fritz Kahn.

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When you’re about to die, all your life appears before your eyes, in a flash. Or so they say. I’m not eager to neither prove nor disprove that, at the moment.

The short animation is the work of Stephen Fitzgerald, second place at the Motion Design tournament of the Cut & Paste Global Championships in New York. The audio track has been provided by Tilted Head Of Compassion.

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Jesus is Back

Was he bigger than me?

A pilot for an animated series that is very likely to never see the light. No idea about who’s going to hell for this.
Testify the second coming of Jesus, the chance encounter with a former brothel mom and the traumatic discovery of how non self begotten child are made.
Also starring: Santa [...]

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Whiskey Business – Whiskey Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ was pissed!

A couple of drunkards find themselves in the desert in the company of someone quite popular son of God who’s angry at them. Old Testament chaos ensues.
Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business is the bluegrass duo of Clyde Clowe and Clem Cowan, joined by some friend of them.
The music video has been [...]

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N.A.S.A. – The People Tree

Tasty little human beingsI grow them on the people treeI will eat them one by oneIf there’s enough for everyone.

An apocalyptic view of the world. Or: a worldly view of the apocalypse. I guess it’s the same…
N.A.S.A. (North America South America) is an ongoing creative collaboration between Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon.
The People Tree [...]

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Walter Robot: Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,you suk jerkno X-BOX!!!

Walter Robot has instructed Christopher Louie and Bill Barminski to send you this holiday card.
Walter Robot ha dato istruzioni affinché Christopher Louie e Bill Barminski vi mandassero questa cartolina di auguri.

DOWNLOAD (HI RES): Scarica Walter Robot Xmas 2008.[Format: MPEG-4 - Size: 29 MB - Running Time: 2 min.]
DOWNLOAD (ALT.): Scarica Walter [...]

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Flipron – Raindrops Keep Falling on the Dead

Honey, it’s not funny…

An old fashioned animation involving dinosaurs, saucy ladies and accordions. Viva la evolución!
Flipron are a band from Glastonbury, UK, consisting of singer and songwriter Jesse Budd, pianist and organist Joe Atkinson, drummer Mike Chitty and bassist Greg Shepheard.
Raindrops Keep Falling on the Dead is a single taken from their 2004 album Fancy [...]

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Theres no sensation to compare with this…

A cute baby angel has a little wardrobe malfunction which gets him in trouble. But, with a little help, he’ll learn to fly…
Not Forgotten is a short animated movie created by Dewi Permata Sari during the Digital Character Animation course at the Vancouver Film School.
Un problema coi vestiti mette [...]

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Tactical Advantage

Straight shooter: a frank and a honest person.

I promised it and here it is. Well, actually I think that an image like this, sooner or later, came to anybody’s mind.
The movie is a collaboration of Encyclopedia Pictura as Mangello Tipperary. Yes, I know you’re supposed to collaborate with somebody, not as somebody. According to Warp [...]

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A WEATHER – The Feather Test

I don’t feel so alive, tonight.

Sometimes the holidays are over…
A Weather is an indie rock band based in Portland, Oregon and comprised of Aaron Gerber, Sarah Winchester, Zach Boyle, Aaron Krenkel and Louis Thomas.
The Feather Test is available as a single, released for Team Love Records. The A Weather’s debut album will be released on [...]

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THE APPARITIONS – God Monkey Robot

God was watchingAnd God was greatSo he decided to send the angel inTo end it all and begin again.

I wonder where the hell we’re going, at a thousand feet per se-e-cond…
The Apparitions are an indie pop band comprised of: Mark Heidinger, Robbie Roberts, Eric Smith, Robby Cosenza and Justin Craig.
God Monkey Robot is featured on [...]

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Not really sure about what the concept is here, but I found the characters funny enough to post the short.
There are five angels on five floating islands, tied together with some wires. Then, they meet to watch some TV show…
The author of the short is Sébastien Léger, a student of the ECV Aquitaine (Ecole de [...]

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Why am I so blindwith my eyes wide open?

Strange things happen at the (freak) show of a faith healer. Don’t ask me what. I don’t know. :D
Revival is the first single extracted from Soulsavers‘ second album, Its Not How Far You Fall Its the Way You Land.
The album features the partecipation of Mark Lanegan on [...]

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GEOFFROY BARBET MASSIN – La chute de l`ange

All you need is love…

An angel, carrying a suitcase full of mysterious vials, falls on earth. A man finds the suitcase and the fallen angel. He’ll try to bring the celestial creature back to life with the stuff found in the suitcase. But… Which one is the good one? Or does he just need some… [...]

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