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ANDY HUANG – The Gloaming

HD Video available in the underneath links.

Don’t worry, it was just a dream. Soon you’re going to wake up, back to your boring life and your shitty job.
“A tale of macabre absurdity, The Gloaming plunges this unwitting protagonist (Randall Rickert) into a cycle of nightmares.”
A nightmarish short movie directed by Andrew Thomas Huang at School [...]

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ANDY HUANG – Doll Face

Appearence. The urge to be accepted. Conforming to what we see around seems the easiest way. To destroy ourselves as individuals.
Doll Face is an outstanding short movie realized by Andy Huang, including the music. His friend Christina Frenzel acted for the real action shootings.
Andy “had no access to motion capture technology, so all of the [...]

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