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Helix is a motion graphics piece integrating typography and illustration. It is the work of Bradford Gyselman, a student of the DMT at the Red River College.

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PAUL RAPHAEL – Perfect Timing

Sure Thing!

A guy (Mike Paterson) meets a girl (Ivana Shein) in a cafeteria, reading a William Faulkner’s book, and tries several approaches to impress her, in a multiversical Groundhog Day fashion, if this makes sense to you.
This nice short has been adapted and directed by Paul Raphaël (of Felix and Paul) from the play Sure [...]

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Visual Music

An unofficial music video about a man trapped in a dream. His world, consisting of plattenbauten (buildings made from precast concrete slabs) begins to fall apart…
This is the graduation movie by Jan Schoenwiesner. The music is a song by Amon Tobin. A short insight in the making of the movie follows.
In questo video non [...]

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