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Computer Graphics: Synthetic Worlds and Designed Realities

The new book by Alessandro Amaducci (Not with a Bang, Flesh Paths) has been released for Kaplan. The title translates to Computer Graphics: Synthetic Worlds and Designed Realities.
The book “relies about creative computer graphics which are creating a brand new aesthetic of the audio visual media, suspended between art drawings and photo-realism.”
Along with the work [...]

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The Electric Self: Not with a Bang

This is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper.

“A ghost fights her memories.” Not with a Bang is an expressionist addition to The Electric Self anthology.
It could be the ghost of Nature who destroys the world created by humans. [...]

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Electric Self: Flesh Paths

“A trip througout the paths of the flesh: revealed female bodies and newborn childs already dead. The long flashback of a suicidal, through ancestral memories and foetal recalls.”
Electric Self is a series of video pieces by Alessandro Amaducci which aims to explore the inconscious in/of the digital era.
Images and music by Alessandro Amaducci. Computer [...]

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Close Up #22

Wow! I’m getting popular…
Italian magazine Close Up (ed. Kaplan) talks about me on its paperback version, with a six page article written by Alessandro Amaducci.
P.S. Visit Alessandro’s website to find out some of his short movies and videoclips.
Piccoli blogger crescono…
La rivista Close Up (edizioni Kaplan) mi dedica sei pagine della sua versione cartacea, con un [...]

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