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Christopher Smith – Gently Gently

The trouble with bubbles is when you’re stuck inside with the wolves…

Christopher Smith is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Vancouver. Gently Gently is a song on his debut album, entitled The Beckon Call and released for Boompa Records on May 2010.

The music video has been directed by Salazar. Director of Photography: Todd Duym. Art Department: Hitoshi Okamoto and Robin Hunt.

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IOC: All Together Now

Continental drift took billions of years to do its job. And now, an half dozen of larger than life athletes would reverse the process in a minute… Playing tug of war?

This beautiful animated spot has been directed by Fx&Mat (François-Xavier Goby and Matthieu Landour) for the International Olympic Committee. Produced at Nexus. Creative agency: Cole & Weber.

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All Together Now: Making of

This is a little making of made by the guys at Cole & Weber about the spot for the Olympic Committee directed by FX & Mat at Nexus. Enjoy!

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Charity Challenge: Just Giving

A nice motion graphics piece for a charity. Thanks to the money raised, Gregg and Lis went to Tanzania in August, to climb a mountain and then help build a school for the children of a small village called Choba.

The video is the work of Alex Robinson and Danny Boyle at Treat Studio.

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In space, nobody can hear you twitter.

An archaeologist from the next ice age finds an Hollywood cinema studio that was buried under the ground and gives life back to it.
King Kong and a raptor from Jurassic Park will start a spectacular fight, under the “eye” of the spirit of Harry Harryhausen.
The short is the work [...]

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“A climber is ascending a diffucult mountain and his will is drying out. He have to choose between the fall or keep climbing. He has to face his own fears… and defeat them.” (Source: CG Society)
A short movie by Carlos Villareal Kwasek, done while studying at the Vancouver Film School.
Great modeling and animation skills, but [...]

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