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Chop Cup: The Making of

As they say, seeing is believing; so, as they say, see for yourself. Then, take the chance to watch Chop Cup again.

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WE ARE OM – Chop Cup

Follow the red ball through the hole and down until you get to wonderland. And if you find Alice, please remind her to take the blue pill.

Chop Cup is an amazing piece of visual trickery, directed by the We Are Om collective and produced at Studioset.

Director of photography: David Lee. Music and sound design: Alin Flaidar.

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WE ARE OM – Immerse


It’s too hot to go out there. Let’s instead stay under the water for a while, won’t you?
If we keep our eyes wide open, we’ll see that there are so many little wonderful things going on all around us.
Immerse is an effervescent short film by We Are Om, that is Anton Groves, Richard Hardy and [...]

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United Way: Choices

There can be a better way.Help her find it.


United Way is an international organization whose aim is to improve people’s life by helping them to achieve their individual potential.
This beautiful animation directed by We Are Om (Anton Groves, Damian Groves, Richard Hardy) promotes their Romanian section.
Illustration by Andy Luke AKA Sinboy. Animation by: Adrian Aghenitei, [...]

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