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MTV: Senseless

The crazy spot is the work of Cassiano Prado and Oway Lau. Character design: Donna Wilson. Stop animation: Tony Farquhar-Smith.

Director of photography: Duncan Telford. 3d animation: Alfredo Hisa. Sound design: Paulo Beto.

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Black Thinking: The Fly and the Eye

Always expect the unexpected!

Even without Telepods, when flies mess with you, it might have weird consequences on yourself and the time-space continuum.
The first five short films produced at Boolab for the Black Thinking website. Motiono grapher also posted the second short called Scratch me.
The Fly and the Eye has been directed by Denis Kamioka AKA [...]

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Shot in Brazil and post produced in Barcelona, Handmade “makes use of unusual symbols to describe how one feels at the beginning and at the end of a relationship.”
The movie has been directed by Denis Kamioka AKA Cisma. Produced by Cisma and Boolab. Written by Cisma and Herbert Baglione. Assistant director: Plinio Higuti.
Director of photography: [...]

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Reality is shattering, going in pieces. In Berlin. Well, not only there actually.
Electrelane’s a band from Brighton, England, comprised of Verity Susman, Emma Gaze, Mia Clarke, Ros Murray.
In Berlin is their latest single, released for The Beggars Group, even though they seem to be on hyatus.
The video was directed by Cassiano Prado. Art director: [...]

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