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Imagine to listen to the audio from a scene of a movie, without watching the images. Then, try and make a short animation to replace the actual video.

The short film by Kristof Luyckx plays this game with some lines of dialogue from Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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Building Urban Motion (Oneiric activity of a surface)

You have to remember that this process of frightening is doneby means of a given medium, the medium of pure cinema.

Video installation built on the facade og the building house of the Cinema Arcobaleno and Hotel St. George in Milan.
“Let’s imagine the facade of a building could have a memory and a conscience of its [...]

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MARTIN SCORSESE – The Key to Reserva

…a secret experiment in filmmaking.

Martin Scorsese tried something never done before: the restoration of a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, a movie that has never been made… Or maybe not.
In fact, as you should know by now, it is just a sophisticated commercial for Freixenet. I tried to get a better quality version of this, but [...]

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