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Woman Eyes – Le Chat

And now, for something different, “a surreal and erotic ode to cat fancying”.

Le chat is the first single by Woman Eyes, formerly Pydos in Spydos. The music video has been directed and edited by Alex Turvey. Director of photography: Andrew Farrar. Production Assistant: Oliver Page.

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Coke Zero: The Boob and the Gnome

Got soda?

Alexander Turvey reworks his visuals from the poignant music video for Lime Tree and directs this weird viral for Coke Zero where “an innocent Gnome is being seduced and lured towards Mount Zeros.”
Director of photography: Richard Johnson. Sound and music: Oliver Sutherland.
Alexander Turvey rielabora lo stile del suo intenso video per Lime Tree e [...]

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When I hear beautiful music it’s always from another timeOld friends I never visit, I remember what they’re like.

NOTE: The name of the file says “Preview”, so there might be (or there will be) a much polished version out there. Anyhow, I think the glitches (if not intended, which might also be the case…) are [...]

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