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Akryls is a short movie where infinitesimal meets the infinite. Something like that.
The short was realized in 2002 by Yann Couderc, Xavier Henry and Bruno Hajnal as their final project at Supinfocom.
The infinite zooming sequence may remind you of the popular Zoomquilt and Zoomquilt 2.
Also available is the follow-up to this movie, entitled Péril sur [...]

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Péril sur Akryls

Mission accomplished!

Techno-Colony, the gigantic computerized city is under threat from the Bio Bugs. The survival of the colony depends on the cleaner-robot squads.
The short animated movie by Yann Couderc and Xavier Henry follow the point of view of one of the pilots. It is, in fact, a Ride film (or Dynamic Cinema) developed as an [...]

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