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Persil: Roboboy

The touching story of a sad-eyed little robot who gradually transforms into a real living, breathing and playing boy as he kicks up the dry leaves, feels the grass under his feet, picks up a worm, catches raindrops on his tongue and sloshes about in a very muddy puddle.

The spot was directed by Philippe Andre and produced at Bikini Films. Creative agency: BBH.

Post produced at The Mill. Editor: Richard Orrick at Work.

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Orangina: Naturally Juicy

I guess it goes without saying that when you get the opportunity tospray Orangina all over the chest of a sexy bunny girl, you go for it.Todd Mueller

There’s a lot of juice in this commercial, but also some pulp. Tons of pulp, actually.
The commercial was directed by Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick. Produced by Stink [...]

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Behind the Scenes of Guinness: Music Machine

It’s alive inside.

You have probably seen the ad already, and I’ll post it if and when I’ll found a better clip. This is a documentary expressely focused on the post production steps at The Mill, but also features the spot itself.
Described as “a Busby Berkeley extravaganza”, the ad reminds me more of Animusic mixed with [...]

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