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Zeus – Marching Through Your Head

The video documents the journey of the band’s boots up to the peak of the mythical Mount Olympus in search of the Greek God of the sky, Zeus.

Zeus was born from the musical friendship of Toronto based musicians Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson. Marching Through Your Head is the first single from their first full length album, Say Us.

The music video has been directed by Alan Poon and Adam Makarenko and produced by Jared Lorenz at Humble.

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Marching Through Your Head: The Making of

Directors Adam Makarenko and Alan Poon discuss the making of the video for Marching Through Your Head.

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The Bowerbirds – In our Talons

We’re only human;this at least we’ve learned.

“The video takes the visual spectacle of a nature documentary and puts it into a stop-motion animated world. We explore 3 magical creatures from 3 different lands, equally beautiful yet doomed by the hand of man.” (Source: MySpace)
Bowerbirds are a nu-folk band from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band members [...]

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