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Bontrust: Geld Porno

Money, it’s a hit.

“Now I know why everybody says to wash your hands after you handle money.” LOL! (Source: Huskerdu324)
The spot has been created by Andreas Pohl and Petra Delitsch. Produced by Steffi Beck and Tobias Ziegler at Optix.
3D Animation: Markus Geerts (lead), Michael Gottschalk, Florian Weyh, Marc Goecke. Compositing: Marcel Lemme, Daniel Brylka.
Creative agency: [...]

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The Veiled Commodity

Help make modern-day slavery a thing of the past

“The short deals with the past and present day issues of slave labor around the world.”
The film is structured in three parts which employ different techniques to have the message delivered.
Designed and directed by Dickson Chow and Vinh Chung. Additional design: Lynn Wang, Kennis Chow, Rajeswaren Shanmugasundaram.
3D [...]

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