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ANAT COSTI – On My Doorstep

There’s no place to hide: if you don’t go and have a life, life will come and have you…

The film was created by Anat Costi, a recent graduate of the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, where she studied both 3D and 2D animation. The simil-rotoscoping look was in fact created with a mix of traditional hand drawn animation and 3D animation.

The original soundtrack was written for this film by musician Noam Elron. Finally, if you liked the film, you might want to ckeck Anat Costi’s Showreel on Vimeo.

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Röyksopp’s Adventures in Barbieland

Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland of Röyksopp, respectively as a sleeping hobo and an old man, spent some time in Barbieland, which is what you would expect to be Waylon Smithers’ house.

The video is a promotional vehicle for the launch on their next album, entitled Senior and scheduled in September. The director is Andreas Nilsson.

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In every relationship, we make choices — sometimes right and sometimes wrong, but always with consequences. Us explores the nature of trust and intimacy and shows us how fragile these things are. A short film directed by James Blick. Original Music by: Dan Poynton. Cinematography by: Ginny Loane. Editor: Paul Maxwell.

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Axe: Rise Up

The spot has been directed by the AB/CD/CD trio and produced by Elsa Rakotoson at Frenzy. Director of photography: Nicolas Loir.

Creatives: Sebastien Partika and Edouard Olhagaray at Buzzman agency. Creative director: Georges Mohammed-Cheriff.

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Tim and Puma Mimi – Perspective

Tim and Puma Mimi is an indie electro-pop group that consists of Christian Fischer and Michiko Hanawa. Perspective is a song featured on their latest album, entitled Turn the Page and released in 2009 for Statt Musik.

The music video has been conceived, directed and animated by Monika Rohner AKA Mone with some financial support from Migros Kulturprozent.

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Two children escape the war-torn ruins of a city in a surreal and whimsical game of tag.

This is one of those films where you really don’t care about technicalities. As they use to say: it strikes a chord.

Levity is a short film by Gus Trauth, Jordan Held and Adam Lukas, completed as an undergraduate animation at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The authors work now as a collective under the name MoreFrames.

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Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling on a Line

Pulling on a Line is a single taken from Great Lake Swimmer’s 2009 album, entitled Lost Channels and released on March 2009 for Nettwerk.

The music video has been directed by Isaac Rentz. Director of photography: Marc Ritzema.

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