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Qua – Devil Eyes

Here’s another sprite animation by Paul Robertson. It reminds us that we’ll live forever in the heart of those who loved us. And/or that ultra violence and ultra cute characters mix very well.

Qua is electronic musician Cornel Wilczek. Devil Eyes is a track on his 2007 album Painting Monsters On Clouds.

The video is available in the two flavours: the official release (4 minutes) from external links, and the extended version (6 minutes) from my server.

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ALEX VARANESE – My Desk is 8-bit

Find out what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation with this short film by Alex Varanese, inspired by Michel Gondry and R-Type.

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The Ghost in You – Losing Light

A piece of animation that was entirely done with Flipnote on a Nintendo DSI. The music video has been directed and animated by Billy Polard. Who incidentally is also the man behind The Ghost in You.

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A short film that will be loved by all those who can remember the days of the 8 bit computers: Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, the Commodore 64, Bomberman and probably more…

The movie has been directed by Patrick Jean and produced at One More Prod. Director of Photography: Matias Boucard.

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Goldfish – Fort Knox

One thing is trying to give life to a goldfish, another one is to bring the dead to life. That’s Frankenstein territory. Trespass at your own risk…

Goldfish is Dominic Peters and David Poole, previosuly here with Soundtracks and Comebacks. The music video has been directed and animated by Mike Scott. Photography: Ross Hillier.

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MIKE SCOTT – Happy Land

Mister Heavy would like to reach for his friends on Happy Island, but he don’t know how to cross the sea. Mister Sun will come and shine some wisdom on the poor fellas.

Happy Land is a 2D animated kids show. Quite creepy, if you ask me, in the way I feel Teletubbies are creepy.

Featured here is the pilot episode created and animated in 2007 by Mike Scott at Bru & Boegie. Voices by Toko Moeketsi and story and music by David Scott.

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NIGEL UPCHURCH – Asteroids, a Love Story

An old fashioned, universal love story from Nigel Upchurch. With happy end and eveything.

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KYLE DOWNES – A Short Visual History of Videogames

But my mum says I’m cool!

“A 3 minute long visual essay (or whatever you call these things) about the history of videogame consoles, from 1972 when Ralph Baer invented the Odyssey with Bob Tremblay, to the launch of the current generation of consoles and beyond.”
Kyle Downes‘ major project for 3rd year of his Bachelor of [...]

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You Totally Rock!

A short with “Rockman (Megaman) in paper, having epic adventures in the wild world.”
Rockman is the work of Nicolas Ménard. Game player: Charles Farmer. The music is Concrete Jungle, from the sound track of Megaman 9.
Corto con “Rockman (Megaman) di carta che vive avventure epiche in un mondo folle.”
Rockman è opera di [...]

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In the beginning was the Word. Through command line all things were made.
A short movie made in house at Cocoe. The song is Kein Trink Wasser by Orbital.
In principio era il verbo. Attraverso la linea di comando tutte le cose furono fatte.
Un corto realizzato dallo studio Cocoe. Il brano è Kein Trink Wasser degli Orbital.

© [...]

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PAUL ROBERTSON – Hyper Parsnip Bitches

Oh noes!

An earlier effort by Paul Robertson, “a short film parodying 2D side scrolling videogames, among other things!”
Featuring David Schwimmer, Dolph Lundgren, Bud Spencer, Falcor, and other pop culture icons.
Opera datata di Paul Robertson, “un corto parodia dei videogiochi in 2D a scorrimento orizzontale, fra le altre cose!”
Vi compaiono David Schwimmer, Dolph Lundgren, Bud Spencer, [...]

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Keep Safe with Grip Wrench

Videotronic Violence!

Grip Wrench is a Vietnam veteran who turned himself into a stuntman for action movies. Unfortunately, when he’s in the middle of a stunt, his war memories and his sad childhood come back to haunt him.
In this episode, Grip will help a couple of kids to cross the road safely. Frogger style.
The short movie [...]

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Dookie Poo: What You`ve Become


Watch as Dookie Poo travels through some of the greatest classic arcade games of all time to save Chorocco Tofu.
The video has been directed by Manny Galán as part of the Dookie-Poo branding project, or whatever it is…
Music by The Montauk Project, that is Rich Albergo and Antonio Gabriele, from Long Island in New York, [...]

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The Meth Minute 39: 8-bit

Press A to cock block

“Episode 33 of The Meth Minute asks the question: what if the entire cartoon series so far had been a 1980’s video game?”.
8-Bit specialists Ben Ross (visuals) and Niko Anesti (music) were asked to step in and explore this scenario.
“L’episodio 33 di The Meth Minute si pone la domanda: e se [...]

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PAUL ROBERTSON – Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Bury me deeper lest my love reach youin the eternal resting place.

Talking about old video games, do you remember those Japanese beat ‘em ups full of cute characters and ultra violence?
Well, Paul Robertson is well known for his sprite animations that mimic the dynamics of those games, but bringing it to the next level. Level [...]

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